Illustrado Faces 2019 – JC Soriano


JC Soriano

Dubai – UAE

About the model: 

I’m JC Soriano working as a freelance licensed personal fitness trainer and swimming coach in Dubai. I also model during my free time.



Katharine Franchesca De Guzman

Dubai – UAE

About the Photographer:

I’m Chesca de Guzman working as a nurse here in UAE. I started photography last August 2017, I enrolled in Filipino Institute and finished the basic and intermediate level as a Top 1 student. I’am also a member of Litrato group UAE and campix, we are doing photowalks which is sponsored by nikon. My projects includes man of the philippines dubai and glamour runway. Aside from that we are doing pre nup shoots, birthday, engagement and other events.

IG – @kfvdg8


Illustrado Faces 2019 is supported by Liali Jewellery and the Radisson Blu Dubai Deira Creek.