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Joan Tuaño


Photo by: Jef Anog

A big part of the success of homegrown Abu Dhabi based premium meats brand La Carne is young Joan Tuaňo.  With her background in international hospitality management at Le Roches Bluche in Switzerland and training with luxury brands like Aman Resorts, the Ritz Carlton, Shangri-La Hotels and Louis Vuitton, Joan has brought with her immense industry know-how that has allowed her to craft an elevated and differentiated market positioning for La Carne putting the brand in its own comfortable niche, appealing to discerning clientele in the capital.

Aside from La Carne, Joan is also focused on paving the way for their new project, Filfood, which aims to be a platform that will elevate and promote Filipino cuisine and Philippine ingredients in the country. She shares, “Filfood is so much more than just a festival, or a one-time event. We hope it becomes a movement that truly encapsulates the Filipino culinary spirit here in the UAE, and enabling Filipino food to get to the international level it deserves. Filfood can only achieve its full potential through applicable education, support to our Filipino producers, and communication to distributors and business owners here in the UAE. We have been so blessed with the network and potential in this country and Filfood is just getting started!”

As an empowered Filipina, chasing her dreams and endeavoring at each step to living a full life, Joan shares her favorite quote from Nelson Mandela – “There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”


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Joan Tuaño


Joan Tuaño - Most influential Filipinos in the Gulf 2018

Joan Tuaño is an intrapreneur, foodie and marketing prodigy – spearheading Asia Gulf Companies’ – La Carne, the UAE’s rising specialty butchery. With her talents and sector savvy, not to mention, her absolute geekiness about all things ‘meat’, she has brought a new level of flair to the gourmet meat market in the Emirates.

Working full-time in a family business can feel limiting and at the same time intimidating to many young people. However, Joan has channeled both the challenges and opportunities intrinsic to her situation, not to mention knowledge and experience gained from studying in Les Roches Bluche – Switzerland, as well as working for hospitality brands Shangri-La, Louis Vuitton, The Ritz Carlton and Aman Hotels, into pushing a homegrown SME brand to prominence in the capital.  For her, an environment that nurtures passion and constant learning is key in sustaining her business-oriented mindset. This 2018, through her leadership, La Carne has gained a solid clientele made up of chefs, hotels, restaurants and meat connoisseurs in the capital.   Joan has also launched a loyalty card system, with La Carne becoming the first butchery in the UAE to do so.

Joan’s method for striving towards success lies within constant optimism and always remaining outside of one’s comfort zone. “Always avoid feeling too comfortable,” she says.  “Keep trying new things and never think that wherever you are in life is the final stage. You are only old when you are 99.”



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