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Joey & Aileen Villanueva – Illustrado 300 Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf

Thoughtleaders Drs Joey and Aileen Villanueva

Healthcare professionals and humanitarians 

Photo by: Ace Reyes

Power couple Drs. Aileen and Joey Villanueva are the veritable modern-day guardian angels to the Filipino community. Establishing the League of Filipino Healthcare Professionals (LFHP) in 2010, they have become people’s champions, extending their free medical service and expertise through more than 75 medical missions benefitting thousands of patients.

Certified by the Department of Health and the Dubai Health Authority, and awarded by the Royal Faculty of Physicians in Ireland the Fellowship in Occupational Medicine (FFOM), Dr. Joey is a Specialist in Occupational Medicine – who has made it his goal to ensure the health and safety of the workforce. “I have chosen this specialty as it deals with the preventive as well as the curative aspect of the health of employees, who we consider as the backbone of any country’s economy. An individual’s health is the core of sustainable development.

Dr. Aileen, on the other hand, has taken a leadership position among other doctors, campaigning for breast cancer awareness as the Chairman of the ‘Shades of Pink Society’ – where she extends counseling and motivational practices through support groups, while also serving as the Head of Department at Mabuhay Clinic.

Working in tandem for the welfare of the Filipino community in the country, the two who are also credited to have established the first-ever independent privately owned clinic for Filipinos in the capital continue to practice acts of kindness wherever they can. “One must not forget the virtues of being warm, compassionate and caring. The world cannot deny the Filipinos give the best care, whatever the patient’s status is.” Dr. Aileen says.


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