Joseph Alcantara – Illustrado 300 Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf

Thoughtleader – Joseph Alcantara

Marketing Professional

Joseph Alcantara - Illustrado 300 Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf
Photo by: Jef Anog

Joseph Alcantara exemplifies the shining image of the young bright Filipino leader, running at full speed ahead, with a global outlook, sterling work ethic, and the purpose of bringing others with him towards success.

Heading the marketing communications department for the Middle East and Southern Europe of Emirates Airline, Joseph leads a multicultural team of creatives, PR staff, and marketing experts.  He has contributed significantly to many successes in his company since he took the helm almost three years ago.  2019, however, provided more personal milestones that he is particularly ecstatic about.  He won a scholarship to the Emirates Leadership Development Programme, which has taken his professional learning to the next level. Joseph was also a judge for the 2018 and 2019 Effie Awards, and his written pieces were featured in Campaign Middle East, Campaign UK and Gulf News.

With a vision of contributing to the development of Filipino representation in the region, Joseph has co-founded a group of Filipino communicators, facilitating the sharing of skills and opportunities that he is hoping will lead to collective successes.

Joseph proves that Filipinos can ‘break glass ceilings’ and that if we set our sights high enough, we could emerge on top.  He advises, “We should benchmark the best in class globally, rather than compete amongst our small community pond.  Before fighting for international representation and recognition, let’s show the goods first, as real and legitimate work. Output, mentality and contribution will speak for itself.”



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Joseph Anthony Alcantara

“True to my birth name, I’ve always been a dreamer.  Yet, what sets me apart from other Josephs is that I will never stop persevering until I make every single dream a reality.”  And make his dream come true he did – for Joseph Alcantara who is exactly where he hoped to be – working in a leadership role for his dream company, which happens to be one of the world’s most admired brands.

Joseph Alcantara - Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf 2018

Head of Marketing Communications for internationally-renowned Emirates Airlines, Joseph brings with him over 17 years of corporate experience from across seven organizations and four countries, not to mention charismatic leadership that brings out the best in others.  Starting his career with the airline five years ago, as the triumphant sole Filipino applicant among over 300 aspirants from around the world, he now runs a specialized multicultural team overseeing advertising, digital, PR, social media, events, and sponsorships for the UAE hub and Southern Europe.

He shares, “More than the prestige and title, I also thrive in knowing that I’m inspiring other Filipino dreamers who just need a proof that we have what it takes to conquer the world.”  He also advises, “Be an epitome of world-class Filipinos that make the Philippines shine internationally.  Make other global citizens respect, look up to and love Filipinos for their unparalleled talents, admirable ingenuity, and aspirational values.  Let’s collectively inspire our fellow Pinoys to create a positive dent that results in meaningful actions for themselves and the world around them.”

 Hoping to motivate Filipinos to raise their profile further globally, Joseph has launched his own digital platform which features inspiring entries on career development, positive lifestyle, travel, and fitness.  He is also writing a book containing a collection of his learnings and insights that could prove valuable to other Filipino expats.





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