Josephine Cuthbert – Illustrado 300 Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf

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Josephine Cuthbert - Illustrado 300 Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf
Photo by: Ace Reyes


A vital mover within the UAE’s vibrant and thriving food industry is Josephine Cuthbert, a nutrition consultant who has been at the core of pulling together the region’s most pre-eminent culinary initiative.

For over 15 years, Josephine has been at the forefront of the Emirates Culinary Guild, serving as Vice President of Administration and Affairs.  She oversees the management of the group’s high-profile industry events, most notably the Emirates Salon De Culinaire, a gathering of thousands of chefs and international food experts from across the globe.  In 2019, the prestigious gathering was conducted at the Sharjah Expo in 2019, the first new venue in 25 years since the guild’s establishment. Handling the mammoth task of managing the complex undertaking and driving its success is just par for the course for Josephine, as part of a greater team effort.

Having seen the growth of not only of the region culinary fraternity but also the rise of Filipino chefs, Josephine encourages compatriots to take greater participation in these worthwhile industry projects.  She says, “I hope that our Filipino chefs’ community will take advantage of what we offer them, enabling them to shine.”  She adds, “We must take advantage of every opportunity in the workplace and in life. Take the risk to try something different to get ahead, for ourselves, our families and our country.”


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Josephine Cuthbert

Photo by Rozen Antonio


Meet the Filipina who is the proverbial glue that holds the Emirates Culinary Guild (ECG) together.  For fourteen years, Josephine Cuthbert, a registered nutritional consultant,  has been serving the Emirates Culinary Guild as Vice President of Administration and Affairs, in-charge of ECG’s high-profile industry events, which lie at the core of the guild’s achievements.

Drawing strength from her calm nature, Josephine is tasked not only with communications, but also with the gargantuan project of bringing in and organizing no less than 1,500 chefs and 40 international judges from across the globe, for the Emirates Salon de Culinaire, the country’s pre-eminent annual culinary event – a complex symphony that she conducts with great aplomb.  Several years back, she was also instrumental in setting up a Guinness Book of World Records feat under a collaboration between ECG and the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing bringing together over 2,800 chefs from around the Emirates – the most number of dressed chefs in one sitting, beating South Korea.

Despite her ability to lead some of the most complex and challenging projects for the guild, Josephine considers her achievements within her family as the biggest in her life.  “Seeing my children grow with my eldest studying to be an actor in Australia and my youngest wishing to be an animation artist, and being able to support the education of my nieces and nephew.  Those are the things that make me most proud.”





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