Jovy Ann Labatorio


About the model: 

I am a firm believer that your brain should always remain glamorous. I have always been a bizarre combination of extroverted-introvert: I love being around people, but I also need my time alone. Writing makes me happy; it makes me whole; it allows me to lay it all out there, even if it’s deleted moments later. And with writing comes the prospect of larger goals; bigger items to check off of a mental agenda. I am most happy when I exist outside of a box. I am most fulfilled when I can combine the normalcy of every day with the lunacy of my mind, & hopefully connect with all of you while doing it. I crave the grounded roots of science as much as I desire the fleeting wonder of creativity.



Alfredo Bascones Jr.

About the photographer:

A Boholano photographer currently based in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Photography is my passion since college years. Collaborating with talented photographers and learning the different aspects of photography, I am ready to face the challenges and demands from future clients. I believe that a good working attitude and knowledge about photography techniques are the keys for success in this field of business.


Illustrado Faces 2019 is supported by Liali Jewellery and the Radission Blu Dubai Deira Creek.

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