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Tastemaker – Jun Ricaforte

Fashion Designer & Entrepreneur 

Photo by: Ameer Studio

Jun Ricaforte never envisioned that his passion for the abaya would thrive in the competitive fashion industry in the emirates.

While most of his colleagues turned into couture fashion, Jun, who was once a member of the Royal Atelier in Fujairah, has taken the road less travelled, focusing on the abaya industry through his label, Dune Abaya. And excel he did.  Now the brand is renowned for luxury pieces patronized by Arab women from all over the Gulf, made famous by their participation in various exhibitions across the region.  Jun’s creations have also been featured in campaigns for Persil Soap and Saudi Telecom, as well as for Aviation Abu Dhabi and 3rd Avenue Café Dubai Mall.

Working towards his legacy, Jun is currently preparing his business to be taken over eventually by his daughter Patricia, who will continue to grow Dune, as well as the new brands he has recently launched, namely Miss June.ae, Alta Luxe and Abaya Asia.

In his journey towards becoming the “King of Abaya,” in the emirates, Jun shares that going out of the comfort zone and being brave takes you to a better place.



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Jun Ricaforte

Fashion Designer, King of the Abaya

Designer/entrepreneur Jun Ricaforte has brought diversity to the very competitive field of fashion design by being the premiere Filipino designer of abayas in the region. Through his brand, Dune Abaya, he has created classic and timeless pieces of refined elegance for many powerful women, including royalty in the Middle East. Being the most notable Filipino in the sector, Jun stands proudly knowing that he has penetrated a niche market and distinguishing himself from the rest.

Dune Abaya has been gaining prominence in the market, primarily via cultural and fashion exhibitions across the seven emirates, as well as expanding through to online platforms. Through the years, much like other intrepid entrepreneurs, Jun has also experienced his fair share of struggles and challenges to get where he is today.  But he swears by his unwavering determination and faith that helped him carry on.  He shares, “I have experienced failures before… a lot! But God’s grace and provision are always there. I just stand up again and again ‘til I fulfill God’s destiny for me. I have to do it whatever it takes.”

Jun’s future goals involve supporting Filipinos to gain more presence in the local fashion exhibitions.  He desires to see more Filipinos displaying their work in these venues where we not well-represented, and win business in the process.  He also encourages Pinoys to bolster each other for the community to move ahead. “We should always be happy with all the achievements of our fellowmen. We should stop crab mentality.”



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