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Formerly Kabayan Non-Profit Org (KNPO), Kabayan Dubai has been providing specialized knowledge and training courses to help Filipinos in the UAE broaden their career, and business horizons.  Established just five years ago by a group of volunteers/philanthropists intent on helping their compatriots advance within their respective sectors, the group has so far equipped over 10,000 graduates with invaluable know-how and skills.

Aiming to provide quality skills development resources at all times, Kabayan Dubai has been consistently participating in assessments administered by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority in the Philippines (TESDA) through the POLO OWWA in Dubai. Of this, they have received a 100% pass rate on their capacity to teach courses in Massage Therapy and Caregiving, able to provide their students the respected TESDA National Certificate II (NCII) – this being on top of the KHDA accredited certificates students receive after completing courses.

This year, parallel to transforming the lives of its students, Kabayan Dubai has developed a facet of its platform to benefit its volunteers. After being taken over by the Emirates Education Center (EEC), a 25-year-old prestigious training center in Dubai that caters to all nationalities, the group has now provided volunteer facilitators the opportunity to earn by becoming (EEC) shareholders/part-owners of the training center.


Kabayan Dubai’s officers include President – Karen Bautista, VP – Gonzalo Ocampo, Secretary – Esper Legaspi, Finance -Jayson Mandap, Audit – Jhoana Gerolaga, Production – Allen Madrid, Marketing – Annel Sobretodo, IT – Bryan Lising, Academics – Mabel Pano, Admin – Ramajendra Fernandez, Adviser – Edipolo Aggarao, Operations – Charlene Josue, Deputy Academic – Ramuel Borja Jr., and Founding Member – Oliver Serrano.

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