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Thoughtleader – Kristine Abante


Photo by: Jef Anog

Former entertainment industry professional, Kristine Abante spent over a decade facilitating music releases across the region, as well as promoting the Filipino musicians in the local scene.  These days, she spearheads content creation at Sandbox Creative, collaborating with fresh creative talents to delivering high-quality marketing content for some of the UAE’s top-rated luxury hotels and high-end lifestyle brands.

Just recently, Kristine has also collaborated with TFC for a web series – the first Filipino produced mini-series in Dubai and the Middle East, as well as numerous entrepreneurs and their networks, even collaborating with social enterprise Skills 3.

Kristine says that it is a privilege to work alongside some of the best artists, content creators, and photographers in town.  “It would be nice to be thought of as a good friend and a true fan of creative work,” she says. “I would say my value would come from having helped amplify great artists and their awesome work and having helped my friends connect and collaborate, all while enjoying the process.”


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Kristine Abante

Writer, Social Advocate


Backed with over 10 years of entertainment industry know-how, Kristine Abante heads the Sales and Marketing Department of Rhythm Records, a major distributor of music in the Middle East. And when she’s not busy marketing records, she works as a Freelance PR and contributing writer to various publications, including Illustrado and Illustrado Go. Kristine elaborates: “Steve Jobs once said that you can only connect the dots looking backwards. Although I’ve loved music all my life I’ve never really set out to pursue a career in Music or PR, it all just sort of fell into place because I followed my interests, one thing led to another and here I am.”

Kristine is regarded as major force in promoting Filipino talents in the local music scene. This is despite the industry being predominantly male-driven.  Of this challenge, she says: “I think coming to work every day being the only lady in a den of men or going into meetings where the decision makers would most often be men and still manage to get my voice heard and put forward solutions is always a proud moment.”

As someone who is a believer of social justice and helps with causes that genuinely matter to her, Kristine wants to be recognized as someone who dared to use her voice in making a difference, no matter the cause – but she still encourages levity. In her own words: “learn to listen more and try to understand where others are coming from instead of just insisting on your own point of view. Know your worth and never compromise yourself.  Take it easy and have fun. Life is so short!”


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