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Mayet Malang Evans


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With her serial entrepreneurial skills coupled with grit and determination to expand her ventures, Mayet Malang Evans is happy to see that her dream of uplifting other people’s lives through alternative education is growing steadily.

As the CEO of Filbrit Training Centre, a provider of educational opportunities at a reasonable cost for companies and individuals, which she has co-founded with her husband Mark Evans (Chairman), Mayet has pushed to extend what she and her team started within the UAE. True to her and her husband’s vision, they have expanded their school, establishing branches in Romania and in the UK, where they also provide primary and secondary distance learning programs. With their endeavors, she hopes to help people realize their dreams by cultivating both knowledge and life skills, providing an alternative to those who cannot afford traditional schools, as well as those looking to shift careers.

Mayet’s vision and legacy are anchored on her own story of hard work and success, from setting up the first legal Filipino training center in the UAE, all the way to becoming an international brand.   Her belief that education is a gift that nobody should take away is a constant motivator for all her efforts.  She says, “It doesn’t matter if you were born poor or rich; you should work for your dream and never stop learning.”


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Mayet Malang Evans


Mayet Galang Evans - Most influential Filipinos in the Gulf 2018

Transitioning from the medical field into entrepreneurship in 2013, Mayet Galang Evans is a business owner and community volunteer who shares her passion for learning with the people. As a ‘serial entrepreneur,’ she is the founder and CEO of the Filbrit Training Center chain, Sampaguita Salon, as well as an events and a digital marketing service company.

Through Filbrit, she and her husband have made shadow teaching and workshops accessible to the masses. Having taught practical and business skills to hundreds, her talents have translated into invaluable skills in the future corporate lives of their students. Her hair salon has also become famous for providing an international level of services at reasonable pricing too. Mayet says her success and talent within multiple fields can be credited to her innate good nature. “If God is the center of your heart, follow up with hard work, keep a good heart, never give up and learn from your own mistakes, you will make your own luck” she shares.

With her family’s support and the continued push for growth, Mayet forges ahead to expand her business empire throughout the region, lending a guiding hand to many Filipinos by bolstering their skills. “We should work together for the good of Filipinos in the UAE and at home and utilize the fantastic multicultural opportunities we have here.”




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