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Michelle Guinto


Michelle Guinto’s career journey throughout the years has been filled with many colorful stories. The woman behind one of Dubai’s more popular locally-grown movers and cargo services, CMG, many people do not know that she is of humble roots and worked as a factory worker and sari-sari store owner in the Philippines, and a telephone operator, a caterer, a receptionist, and a tourist clerk and freelancer in Dubai.

Despite her challenges, she always had her eye on entrepreneurship and started her own commercial brokerage company sometime back, that first venture eventually led to the opening of CMG Cargo which has since become a household name on the community.  Covering exports in the tens of thousands in recent years, the company’s most recent feats include securing a five-year contract between Allied Pickfords Singapore and her company, CMG Global Cargo Philippines in 2016.   They have also successfully reinvented the modern-day Balikbayan box, introducing reusable Kabayan Drums into their services. The enterprise has also expanded to provide pickup, delivery, and moving services within the region.

Last year, the company celebrated its 10th year anniversary by hosting an awards initiative to honor household workers. According to Michelle, it’s their way of giving back – by recognizing the hard work and service and uplifting the morale of the Filipino community’s “unsung heroes.”

In practicing due diligence and remaining grounded, Michelle encourages smart decision making – urging her peers to weigh out the pros and cons of every opportunity and allowing oneself time and space in order to grow.


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