My Pinoy Life in Brisbane, Australia

Pinoy Life in Brisbane Australia
Ali Caampued – front right, with her family


Ali Aquino Caampued

My family decided to move here in Brisbane in 2004. I came here first to get a certificate course in Commercial Cookery, which took two years. My whole family which included my three kids and my husband followed me after three months. I gave up my 15 year career in banking to relocate to Australian and it was such a major decision for us. Our kids and their future was the major consideration for our move.

Pinoy Life in Brisbane Australia

Our suburb, Marsden, is in Logan City which is in the middle of Brisbane and Gold Coast here in Queensland. It is a very friendly and peaceful community and is accessible to everything, be it shopping centers or the nearest servo (our term for gas stations). I work as a service consultant for ANZ, which is one of the top four banks in Australia. In 2010, I decided to join them and go back to my banking career.

Pinoy Life in Brisbane Australia

There are various Filipino communities here in Brisbane. We have a barrio fiesta here that is celebrated every year during the month of June.  Our life here is certainly different from how we were living in the Philippines. In the Philippines, we have helpers everywhere whilst here in Australia, we had to learn how to do everything by ourselves. It’s different, but we love it.

Pinoy Life in Brisbane Australia

As a family, we have learnt how to be independent and embrace the Australian culture. Having no relatives here, we have gained so many mates (friends) who helped us settle in and how to acquire their customs and traditions. However, it wasn’t that difficult for us to adjust because Australia is a multicultural country.

Pinoy Life in Brisbane Australia

My greeting to other Filipinos reading this:  G’day to my Filipino mates! No matter where we are and how long we’ve been away from home, we will always be Filipinos by heart.

Pinoy Life in Brisbane Australia

Pinoy Life in Brisbane AustraliaPinoy Life in Brisbane AustraliaPinoy Life in Brisbane Australia

Filipino Abroad: My Pinoy Life in Brisbane, Australia




  1. Hi guys and welcome to Australia, I was lucky enough to visit the Philippines in 2010 . When I was there I opened a bank account with metro bank , the account has since gone dormant so I need a bank account reactivation form . I have been in touch with the bank there and forwarded them all the information that they requested for proof of identification etc , I then asked if they could send me the required forms so I can reactivate the account but unfortunately there policy does not allow them to send the forms outside of the country. I have lost contact with most of the friends I made there after the last big typhoon and cannot reach anyone who is able to go to the bank get the form and post it to me . I would very much appreciate if any has the ability to assist either pointing me to somewhere here in northern suburbs of Brisbane where I can go and obtain such forms or would be so gracious in contacting friends or family still in the Philippines to get a form sent over for me .
    Thank you very much Brett

  2. Hi
    I am a 30yr old degree qualified Filipino lady currently working as a manager in Singapore in the QSR industry with many years experience running restaurants. My boyfriend is an Australian living in Brisbane and I am seeking a sponsorship job in Brisbane so that I can move to Brisbane. I have tried through Brisbane recruiters and job adds but I can’t find a company willing to sponsor me. Does anyone know of a good job position with an employer willing to provide work sponsorship?

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  3. Hello po. I am currently living and working in Sydney. I am planning to move in Brisbane in January,but I have no idea where to look for a place to live. As you mention that you lived in Logan City. I might consider to look that area when I come and visit inJanuary. Do you have any other suggestion please. Thanks

  4. Glen Luders says:

    Can your site please suggest a credible & decent introduction website or online forum site where I might have the opportunity of talking to Filipino women for the suppose of developing a relationship?
    I am a Catholic & attend Church & would like to meet like minded Filipino women

  5. Help is needed for Senior age filipino lady who is in a very bad relationship with alcoholic / abusive man that is causing many misery upon this lady. This lady has to get away from him.
    She needs emergency / permanent accommodation maybe a unit – granny flat – shared house.
    If any respectable person or happy family can assist this lady … maybe advise where she can get assistance. Please post comment Re: Anita

    1. Re: Anita

      Hi there. We are so sorry to hear about this issue.
      Please help your Filipino lady friend get in touch with the Philippine Consulate in Brisbane.
      They provide assistance to Filipino nationals on a whole range of issues. See contact details below –

      Brisbane, QLD

      Ms. Margaret Grummitt
      Consul General, a. h.

      Philippine Consulate General
      Unit 2/269 Abbotsford Road
      Bowen Hills, QLD 4006

      Telephone No.: 0411 359 182
      PO Box 757 Wynnum QLD 4178
      Email: [email protected]
      Working Hours: 0900H – 1300H, Wednesday to Friday


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