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Labor Attaché Nasser Munder

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Preparing OFs for their reintegration to the mainstream society back home has always been the advocacy of Atty. Nasser B. Munder, Labor Attaché, Jeddah KSA – which was why when he returned as the Head of the POLO in July 2018, he transformed Bahay Kalinga for the distressed OFs into a Skills Training Hub, operating in partnership with different training centers run by Filipino organizations in Jeddah as part of their social responsibilities.

Under his supervision and in coordination with TESDA, they work closely with various Filipino-managed skills training centers to conduct yearly Skills Certification in Jeddah. All these endeavors by the government send a simple yet laudable message to OFs to continue learning and to equip themselves for progress.

“Such exercises are my personal commitment to reinforce the Reintegration Program of the government to prepare our OFs when they return back to our country,” he says. “Before their repatriation, we issue them the Livelihood Program referrals to concerned government agencies and institutions to access financial and livelihood assistance based on the skills they have acquired while they have stayed in our Bahay Kalinga.”

Labor Attaché Munder also adds, “I pray for a better and economically vibrant and stable Philippines where opportunities are steadily fertile and available for Filipinos, may it be in business enterprise or employment that gives a relatively remunerating and decent job,” he says. “In this respect, working abroad could only be an option and no longer a choice.”


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