PanzerGlass Launches ClearCaseColor™ Smartphone Cases in the Middle East

The case comes in six unique colors with antibacterial technology proven to kill up to 99.99% of most common surface bacteria.

Dubai, UAE,  March 2021 – PanzerGlass™, one of the leading screen protection brands in the world launches ClearCaseColor™ , its latest range of antibacterial limited edition clear color smartphone cases in the region. 

Made from PanzerGlass and colored flexible TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) materials, the case back is made of four layers and an extra strong honeycomb pattern to enhance shock absorption providing 25% improved scratch resistance compared to first-generation of ClearCases. The case matches all buttons for easy and full access to all functionalities. It also features slightly swelling bumpers in all corners to enhance protection. ClearCaseColor™ is compatible with MagSafe wireless charging. 

Combining cutting edge technology with contemporary aesthetics, PanzerGlass™ ClearCaseColor™ allows users to properly display the original look of their device, while expressing themselves via a selection of trendy hues.  The cases come in different colors of True Blue, Mandarin Red, Orange, Rose Gold, Satin Silver and Racing Green, and will appeal to consumers of all ages. Labelled as the strongest ClearCase™ from PanzerGlass™, it is compatible with Apple iPhone 12 devices and will protect the phone’s beautiful design.

To coincide with the product launch, the company has also released a campaign called #ColorsComeTogether featuring a multi-cast of different nationalities in keeping with the brand’s continuously evolving vibrant and inclusive spirit. According to Global Marketing Director Michael Brønd, “PanzerGlass™ is the best product out there.  The way it’s made, makes us standout.  But we’re much more than just functionality.  We have an open and diverse brand and that is reflected on the people in PanzerGlass™, the people we onboard, and certainly, in our campaigns.” 

PanzerGlass™ ClearCaseColor™ is now available in the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar. Soon in Saudi Arabia at electronics retail stores.  

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