Pinoy Entrepreneur: Timeless Elegant Event Management (TEEM)

Timeless Elegance Event Management Company


Pinoy Entrepreneur: Timeless Elegant Event Management (TEEM)


Country: (UAE and Philippines)
Entrepreneur: (Lawrence Anthony Ignacio – General Manager
Helen Andrade – Operations and Events Manager
Brian Carl Campos – Department Head- Photography)
Company Name: Timeless Elegance Event Managemen
Business Sector: Events Management


Founded with the Filipino community at heart, Timeless Elegance Event Management (TEEM) has over the years broadened its services to meet the demands of clients from all walks of life in and outside the UAE.


Pinoy Entrepreneur: Timeless Elegant Event Management (TEEM)


From weddings, parties, corporate events and much more – the company cover all aspects of event management not limited to photography, videography and styling.


It was in 2015 when ambitious individuals namely Anton, Helen Andrade and Brian Carl Campos from diverse backgrounds, decided to merge their talents together to become a one-stop resource for personalised events needs.


Pinoy Entrepreneur: Timeless Elegant Event Management (TEEM)


To date, TEEM has had the pleasure of being part of celebrations of individuals including destinations shoots in Hong Kong, Singapore and Europe, as well as that of government and private entities, helping make these special occasions all the more memorable.



Likewise, the company has never forgotten to give back to the community by staging and participating in various programmes that promote the spirit of altruism and events that put forward Filipino culture and artistry.



Moving forward, TEEM is looking to boost even more its presence in the scene to give clients the best possible experience that will last a lifetime.


Formula to Success


Like most of us Pinoy expats, we dream about having our own business.

It’s just a matter of getting out of your comfort zone and facing the challenges. Once you get started, and like what I’ve said, opportunities are limitless. You just have to maintain focus, take advantage of the continuous learning process, and laugh it off while learning from your mistakes (and there will be plenty).

The very first time we presented a project in front of a CEO and his team of managers, we were sweating in buckets. But we managed to pull it off and the feeling was exhilarating!

Just continue your focus and stay positive .


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