Ramon Navea – Illustrado 300 Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf

Ramon Navea

Banking Professional & Community Champion

Photo by: Bethoven Filomeno

Even as a top-caliber banking professional working as Sr. Asst VP, Total Quality & Business Excellence for Union National Bank (UNB) for over 13 years, and now Project Manager at Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (which now owns UNB), Ramon Navea has never forgotten his humble roots.  That is why his work as a community champion for FIGME (Filipino Golfers in the Middle East) goes beyond just indulging his passion for the sport.

“Leading a group of golf enthusiasts, we have been sharing our blessings via the ABS CBN Foundation every year and this culture of social responsibility has been a part of our DNA since the society’s establishment,” he says. FIGME, established in 2008, is composed of golf enthusiasts whose aim is to enjoy the game while at the same time, extend assistance to charitable organizations.  The group has over a hundred members and organizes tournaments where a portion of the proceeds are donated to selected beneficiaries.  Ramon shares, “Making our charitable achievements known to our donors and partners is more than enough as a barometer of our success and this has been evident for 12 years since our founding.”

An effective leader with a passion for a cause who hopes for a better society especially for the children of today who will be the leaders of tomorrow, Ramon’s ultimate dream is to put up his own foundation where the best and brightest students will be given an opportunity to study in the best universities in the world.

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