Romeo Mangunay – Illustrado 300 Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf

Romeo Mangunay 

Athlete & Community Champion

Photo by: Alexis Dennis Bolado

Athlete and bike aficionado, Romeo Mangunay has encouraged and inspired people to live a healthy lifestyle through his love for cycling and sports. By creating Bikers in Kuwait Encounters (BIKE), he has given rise to a community of health enthusiasts, that has gone on to be recognized in the country.

BIKE has since grown from five people to its present 320 multicultural members from the Philippines, Malaysia, UK, USA, France, South Africa, Egypt, and Kuwait. Through its 19-year run, its participants have gone on to earn international recognition and win competitions. Through the years, Romeo has won several awards for championing the community and continues the push forward with their cause of bringing people together through sports and good health.  “I also help organize regular weekend rides and cycling competitions,” he says. “We have also extended the benefits of our group to non-members through yearly charity projects.”

Most importantly, Romeo says that he is most proud of having the opportunity to become a bridge for people, helping them to connect, develop friendships, tell their stories, celebrate good times, as well as share opportunities. “We have become a family, transcending age, race, and class by providing each other social and moral support even during times of personal struggles.” 


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