Scrapbook: Chris Calumberan

Chris Calumberan Professional photographer Chris Calumberan started his career working for production companies in Dubai. He began by updating databases of model profiles for agencies. While understanding how the system works, he involved himself in model booking, location scouting and management as well as production assisting for TV commercials and print ads.   As a self-taught photographer, he started assisting mentors specializing in Portraits, Interiors and Food which molded him to become a general photographer. He found his niche and started specializing in portraits and fashion where he established his recognizable style in his works. Group hobbyists and semi-professionals consider him an inspiration for his willingness to share his talent by offering apprenticeship and mini-workshops. “It is all about visualization. As I shoot, it’s very important that I have the concept in my head. Before the actual shooting, I scout the location and get my measurements done (light source, compass readings, shoot timings). Everything has to be coordinated; from the subject, wardrobe, make-up, up to the last detail in post- production.  I learned this discipline while working with different photographers. For me, this is the ideal way to work.”   Check out his works on: