Level Up your Style – Style Hacks from Gweys Soriano

With an impressive portfolio of dressing celebrities and the most famous personalities in the region, Gweys Soriano has no doubt become one of the hottest stylists in the UAE! In this video, she shares her favorite hacks on how to instantly amp up your personal style at work. View the full video here:


Oversized jackets are on trend, and very stylish! On styling Jackets:

  • Scrunch up the sleeves to show your arms, watch or jewellery.
  • Add a belt to the oversized jackets to synch in the waist.
  • Wear shoulder pads to add more power.


Personal style is always meant to stand out:

  • Avoid playing safe all the time and swap out your plain inside shirt with a splash of color to stand out more and get your personality across.


Keep a lint roller on you at all times:

  • Pet hair, dust and dandruff can be a turn off! Keep a lint roller in your drawer or bag in for a quick fix at any time of the day.
  • Have no lint roller? Scotch tape is a good alternative.


Choosing your shoes:

  • Pointed shoes over round toes! They do a great job in adding more sophistication and edge to your style, while being more comfortable in some cases too.


Keep accessories simple:

  • A simple approach is classier and more elegant! Colleagues will want to focus on your work, and not your accessories, so keep it minimal.
  • TIP: a good accessory for any woman is a pearl necklace. They don’t stand out too much while adding another layer of sophistication to your ensemble.



Level Up your Style - Style Hacks from Gweys SorianoFind a good tailor: 

  • Finding a good tailor to make a custom suit goes a long way! Highly consider the size and proportions, as it’s an undeniable truth that all men look best in a suit!


Roll sleeves when not wearing a jacket:

  • One of the sexiest body parts on a man are the forearms! Rolling up your sleeves make your arms appear more muscular.


There’s no better accessory than a nice watch:

  • From the get-go, a nice watch is an immediate visual cue that shows you mean business.
  • No matter the brand, a watch always adds to your personal branding, as people can always judge the way you dress. You never know, it may just land that job interview!

Level Up your Style - Style Hacks from Gweys Soriano

Tuck your dress shirt in:

  • Tucking in your dress shirt makes for a cleaner and more organized look.
  • Shirt stays are a great help for keeping them tucked in all day without coming out.


On cleaning your belt and shoes:

  • Your belt was bought to match a pair of shoes, so polish them both equally.
  • If out of polish, you can use petroleum jelly or olive oil.


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