Summer Tropical Getaways – Off the Beaten Track!

Summer Tropical Getaways – Off the Beaten Track!

Tired of the usual tourist haunts?  Check out paradise in the Philippines in these amazing destinations where the waters are pristine, the views simply breathtaking and the smiles are warm and inviting.

Get away this summer in Beautiful Philippines.

Check out what the locals say about these holiday spots –

Boracay Summer Tropical Getaways


Off the coast of Panay in Western Visayas, Boracay is world famous for its white sand and clear blue waters. Starting its relatively young tourism history in the ’70s, this holiday hotspot has come a long way from its undeveloped state – an island originally inhabited by the indigenous Aki tribe. Its tourism is built on two islands. The more popular White Beach is a four-kilometer area with dozens of hotels, resorts, spas and other establishments dotting its shores. On the opposite end lies Bulabog Beach – the part of Boracay patronized by windsurfers and kiteboarders. Boracay holds a copious amount of recreational activities for its visitors. Some of the favorites are snorkeling, diving, banana boat riding and windsurfing. If you’re already impressed, wait ’til the sunset – Boracay is teeming with energy even when the lights are out.

Ana Santos, Writer – Boracay

There was a time in my life when I would visit “Bora” every single year.  It was my “go-to island” – the place that I knew would have something for me to do. There are certain places you go to because they’re romantic, they’re kid-friendly or just ‘hip and happenin.’ Bora is all that to me. Whether I’m there for fun and sun, for romance or for mother-daughter bonding time, Bora never disappoints. Bora has a kind of magic that is hypnotically welcoming, and laden with a promise to fulfill whatever your heart desires.

If it is friendship you aspire for, lounge around in the world famous white sand that feels like baby powder under your skin. In the evening, party in Hey Jude or Cocomangas. If it is love you want to rekindle, watch the sun set the horizon on fire with its red orange hue and then slowly dip into the ocean to give way to the moon.  Though it may disrupt the hand-holding a bit, the sunset is best served with your favorite Jonah’s milkshake.

If you are travelling with kids, you’ll never be able to resist the banana boat and snorkeling in other islands — not that you would want to, anyway. That is the essence of my Boracay — friend, lover, child — it is everything I would hope for my own little island paradise.


White Beach BoracayFridays Boracay

White Beach, Boracay

Perfectly positioned on Boracay’s eye-catching White Beach, Fridays Boracay is a 40 room AAA resort nestled amid meticulously groomed tropical gardens and shady coconut trees.

The resort offers the convenience of modern amenities combined with the natural charm of a beachfront setting.  Its magnificent beach front, delectable food, pleasant and inviting rooms, coupled with its warm & friendly employees make it the ultimate choice in Boracay.

Since 1982, it has been a favorite home away from home to all its guests.  Welcome to our piece of paradise.

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