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Cebu Philippines


Both a historically significant and internationally acclaimed tourist destination, Cebu presents visitors both new and old with a package much more than just its narrow coastlines, limestone plateaus, rugged mountain ranges and coastal plains. Hosting much more than just natural beauty, this island is brimming with five-star accommodations, recreational activities and a vibrant nightlife. Ranking as one of the top island destinations in the years 2004-2005 and 2007, the Queen City of the South definitely doesn’t disappoint.

Johanna Michelle Lim – Cebu

Cebu for me is a love born out of choice. And because choice bears a more powerful gesture, scratching his surface becomes more fulfilling every day. I don’t care for his famous dried mangoes, his world-class furniture, his white beaches or his luxury hotels. Do away with that and you will still find me going back to that little place Downtown where the cheapest and most delicious hopia is served. Its identity will never be just about ‘the beautiful’ to me. And when its landscapes change, its walls crumbles and be built up again, with an idealist’s hope, I stay anyway. Like many things, home too is a choice. Cebu is a visual interpretation of contentment. Half of me will always be here.

One of Cebu’s undiscovered places is Busay, known as the land of the flowers, of sweet corn and of cults of bikers spending their Sundays there in droves in what would probably be Cebu’s closest version of the Tour de France. Busay tends to hide its best features for locals. Trek to and from the Kan-irag trail as well as to its main roads, and you will find soon enough that conversation is easy to come by from its people. Laborers from their beat-up bikes going home from a day’s work partner their Sarsi’s with a whole day’s account of the weather, the hike and news from the ‘mainland.’ And yes, even when said mainland (the city) is just a good 30 minutes away, one can’t help but feel the sense of height and detachment that isn’t just born from geography.


Plantation Bay Resort and Spa  Cebu

Plantation Bay Resort and Spa

Mactan, Cebu

Plantation Bay Resort and Spa is a symphony in water. It has 2.3 hectares of saltwater lagoons and four freshwater pools of outstanding design.

Mogambo Springs, the spa at Plantation Bay. Its setting is uniquely charming, designed after an 18th century Tokugawa Japanese village with its own thundering waterfalls, creek, and fog-like mist.

Plantation Bay was recognized by the Conde Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards as one of the Top 20 Resorts in Asia for 3 years in a row.

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