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Labor Attache Vicente Cabe


Bahrain Labor Attache Vicente Cabe has been through some of the most challenging situations for OFs in the Middle East but he plays his role with grace and aplomb.

Among the many notable points in his career in the Middle East includes playing a significant role in the negotiations and successful release of OF-hostages in Iraq; supporting the emergency evacuation of thousands of Filipinos displaced by the civil war in Lebanon; and leading the mass repatriation of more than 5,000 OFs including their families in Jeddah.

Labatt Cabe shares, “In the countries where I was assigned as Labor Attaché, from Southeast Asia to the Middle East, all are HSW (home service workers)-heavy posts that required extensive intervention on welfare protection. I consider myself a defender/advocate of the most vulnerable OFs, looking after their interest and welfare.”

Supporting the strengthening of Filipino competitiveness in the country, as a way to improve their opportunities in the workplace, thereby reducing their vulnerability, Labatt Cabe also remind the community of the importance of constantly adding to one’s know-how.  He remarks, “OFs should highlight their superior skills and enviable work ethics that make them much preferred by foreign employers over other expatriate workers worldwide. While government policy does not promote overseas employment for the lower-skilled and vulnerable categories of workers, we try to manage their aspirations for employment abroad by providing them skills training and upgrading to make them more competitive in the global community of expatriate workers.” 


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