Wearing it Well: Agnes Aquino Briggs


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Agnes Aquino Briggs




What role does fashion play in your daily life?

Fashion is an expression of oneself thru clothing. It is an expression of life. At work, I am the first person who welcomes more than 20 nationalities joining the company, and as such it is important for me to visually project myself according to the company values without losing my personality. Dressing to convey competence, credibility and reliability yet welcoming and friendly is sometimes contradicting and often a challenge.

Finding the right balance by adding some accessories such as a scarf, a bright colored belt or shoes to tweak a traditional attire, makes it more ‘me’ and people relate to it. I perform with confidence when I know that I look good and feel good.

Wearing it Well: Agnes Aquino Briggs

What do you typically wear daily?

The corporate look. I like to look well put together and professional everywhere I go. I am always on the go and sometimes have to wear so many hats. I carry a wardrobe in my car. Tailored and a casual blazer, a vest, a few scarves, casual wedge and high heeled pumps, make up kit and I change to suit the occasion accordingly.


What’s your favorite thing to wear?

A tailored jacket has always been my top choice. It is so versatile – you can achieve a dress up or dress down look depending on what you mix and match it with. Whatever you pair or accessorize it with, you always look sharp and smart.


What can’t you live without?

I can’t live without the basics: a tailored suit, foundation with sunscreen, red lipstick, a pair of high heeled pumps, hair product, body lotion, mascara and my foot scrub. If I have to pick just one: a warm red lipstick.


What is your fashion philosophy?

Don’t let the price tag define your fashion style. Not all expensive branded clothes will make you look the part. No one can guess the price tag of a well – put together ensemble.




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