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Abdul Hannan Tago - Illustrado 100

“Our country needs us. We have to play our role.”  Wise words to be heeded from a man whose skills and diligence have brought honor and pride to his country. Dr. Abdul Hannan Tago is a veteran journalist who has not only covered the most pressing issues of our times but has also advocated for the rights of his fellow Filipinos in the Middle East. As the lone Arabic-speaking Filipino journalist in KSA, and advocate for SPMUDA International (a NGO for peace, unity and development), he wields his knowledge of the language to foster better understanding between and among his compatriots and their hosts which led to him being recognized as an AUGP (Academy of Universal Global Peace) Ambassador of Goodwill and Peace – Saudi Arabia and at the 2nd G.O.D. (Global Officials of Dignity) Awards for Excellence in Journalism.


Currently working for Arab News with his work appearing in leading Arabic publications Al Sharq Al Awsat and Al Egtisadiah, among others, this Filipino journalist has also appeared on Saudi TV, and was also a guest speaker at the 2nd Annual Saudi Broadcasting Forum in 2012.  He believes that “As an OFW we could be most effective in resolving our problems abroad with the host country. We have established excellent rapport and know the norms and culture. We speak the language. We could be the best and most effective in helping our kababayans especially domestic helpers.”


He is doing exactly that with his work as a writer and as a spokesperson. He does not only have the ability to translate for those who are misunderstood. He has the power to speak out.

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  1. “Our country needs us. We have to play our role.” You are one of those. You have the power to write and speak for the right of OFW weather Muslims or Christians.


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