Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf – CRIS MIRANDA – The Family Man

Chris Miranda


In matters that concern the strengthening of family ties, OFW’s in KSA turn to the Foundation for Family Life, an organization whose presence in the country is led by Cris Miranda. Cris is a confidant, friend, and father-figure to OFW’s seeking advise on spirituality, fellowship, and how to improve family relations. As FFL’s Country Representative, Cris often receives distress calls even in the wee hours of the night, but his attitude towards his responsibility is always one of gratitude and service. He says that at this chapter of his life, there is no room for selfishness. “Your love has to be unconditional to be able to understand the needs of others,” he says. “Remain a humble and faithful servant to your family, company, and organization, no matter what you have attained in life.”


Started in 1998, the Foundation for Family Life aims to reach out to different families worldwide who are going through relationship difficulties. The organization also has an excellent track record in providing assistance to impoverished communities. Juggling his responsibilities as FFL representative and as Internal Auditor for the National Shipping Company Of Saudi Arabia is often a monumental task for Cris, as he is often besieged with hectic schedules, but he says that the rewards are “awesome and eternal,” and that in return for his servitude, God has compensated him with a strong family. Cris elaborates, “I love having a strong family, and my two missions in the world are to share God’s love and help boost family life through faith, hope, and love. I have but only one vice, and that is to spend all available time and resources to God and my family.”


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