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Marielle Castro Filipino singerDubai teems with brilliantly talented Filipino singers – but singer-songwriters? Not so much. This is where a talent like Marielle comes in as a breath of fresh air. She is a singer, a songwriter, and an instrumentalist. The consummate musician.

Marielle Castro Filipino singer


Marielle Castro Filipino musicians

I started singing when I was about 4. I was a very bibo kid! Since kindergarten I had always been involved in school activities and programs. I started songwriting when I came to Dubai about 6 years ago, upon the urging of friends and fellow musicians. Music has become a form of escape from the daily things and routinely tasks that I do. And hey! We’re Filipino’s! Who doesn’t love singing anyway? I bet none!



Filipino SongwriterMarielle Castro

I can’t say that I have one style of songwriting, or that I can plot the process down to one organized system. Honestly it’s different with every song that I write. One time, I was on a bus that was travelling the length of Jumeirah road. I got really bored that I started thinking about my life here in Dubai – how it’s like living in a perfect world, or how it feels right and surreal but still lacking. Sometimes I just sit on the couch, and strum a chord or two and that’s it! It flows. It’s organic.



Marielle Castro filipino artistMarielle Castro Singer Dubai

First is having 2 of my songs produced by GMA records back home: Bubble and Escape. Second is co-producing my EP and recording it in Nashville TN. But by far, my favorite achievement is receiving a recognition from Awit Awards and PARI for the songs that I wrote. I was also nominated for the Best Performance by a Female Recording Artist category. I didn’t win, but the nomination was a feat enough in itself. Looking at it framed at our house reminds me that, hey, I really am a songwriter.



Marielle Castro

Honestly, nothing. Some gigs maybe around Dubai if I get invites. At the moment, I’m trying to focus on other aspects of my life, like being a nurse and laser therapist and just really enjoying life. You’ll never know what’s coming anyway. I’m hopeful. I’m still looking forward to writing some more songs and having the time to sit and focus solely on the music.

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You’ve heard it many times, but it’s true: be real and authentic, not for anybody else, but for you.

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