Artist Spotlight: Isa Tabasuares – Singer-Songwriter in Berlin


Artist Spotlight:

Isa Tabasuares

Singer-Songwriter in Berlin

Isa Tabasuares Isa Tabasuares Singer Songwriter

“Life is sometimes hard. Things go wrong in life and love, when this happens, make good art’, says the famous writer Neil Gaiman, and this is exactly how 37-year old, Berlin-based singer-songwriter Isa Tabasuares found her salvation in music and the arts.

My Journey

Isa Tabasuares Singer Songwriter in Berlin

I have been in Berlin for nearly a decade. I got accepted to Charite Univertiätsmedizin Berlin to study Masters of Nursing Science. Right after I graduated, I had the opportunity to do my Phd in the same university but halfway through, in 2013, I realized that I wanted to write more about my heartaches than to write scientifically. I was going through a bad break up. Everyday my heart wants to write songs and paint. I guess that is how I found my path in music and arts and why I ended up in the company of talented creative people here in Berlin. This city is just the right place to grow as an artist.

My Music

Isa Tabasuares, Singer

I enjoy a lot of pop and I love listening to jazz legends such as Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, so I guess I can consider them as some of my main influences.  For my first album “The Mess I Have Made”,  I have collaborated with a good friend and an award-winning Swedish singer songwriter, Siri  Svegler.  The songs are about the beautiful experiences of love and the growing pains that come with it. I recorded my album here in Berlin with my producer, Moritz Ecker. There are 9 original songs and one rendition of the song ‘Wag Na Lang Kaya’ by True Faith.

My Personal Milestones

Isa Tabasuares Filipino Singer

Aside from working with Siri and Moritz on my soon-to-be released debut, I have also had the honor to play with some very talented jazz musicians her in Germany. I once shared the stage and opened a couple of shows for the brilliant British-Filipino singer-songwriter Mishka Adams here in Berlin. That was an awesome experience.

Isa Tabasuares Singer Abroad

In 2013, I visited the Philippines. This was the year I transitioned to music. I found myself singing for peace and the environment. I was on tour with the legendary Fantuzzi , Kate Torralba and my friends, Siri Svegler and Thomas Walter and other artists from Spain, New York and the Philippines like Waway Saway.

My Plans

Isa Tabasuares with Hineleban Foundation

Right now we are busy preparing for the release of the album. I am collaborating with Hineleban Foundation back home. They are a group of people who are dedicated to reforest, restore and enhance the Philippine environment. For every album I sell is a tree planted in the Philippines. When I went back home in 2013, I learned that there is less than 2% left of our rain forest. I find this really sad and felt the need to get involved. Check out their website:


I have a couple of solo gigs coming up as well. Kate Torralba and I will have a back to back concert soon in Berlin and then the record release party.  I would also love to collaborate with a lot of my Filipino friends back home that are so talented and full of creative ideas.

My Advise

Isa Tabasuares

Be true to oneself. Try not to compare yourself with others. Let it flow and just be!

Watch out for Isa’s debut album , soon to be released in Germany and the Philippines.

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    So proud of you Ms. Isa! It’s very exhilarating to know someone of your stature who hails from our beautiful place, Phillips, Bukidnon. Congrats and more power to you!

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