Artist Spotlight: Kimberly Reyes Filipino Visual Artist


Kimberly F.A.R. aka Evo / EvoNano / Evo917

Visual Artist

My Art

I first got into drawing in around 2006. I was a huge fan of Sonic around that time, so most of my drawings back then revolved around drawing most of the cast – and some fan-characters.

Starting out as an introverted traditional artist, I originally resorted to doing artworks to express my personality and love for a multitude of inspirations. I’ve come to love it as it has become part of who I am. After developing experience with digital artworks, my passion grew along with my talents.

Generally, I try to give my works a strong, yet harmonious palette with bold lines to differentiate background from character. I’m not one to do a lot of research, but I do pick up a lot of things I encounter on the internet. As a person who is a sucker for a little symbolism, I tend to incorporate a lot of smaller additions into a piece so that if you spend time looking at my works, you can figure out a story hiding behind them.

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My Process

Most of the time, inspiration comes to me spontaneously. I’m more attracted by darker or more unique themes like Alice: Madness Returns or Undertale. I never start with a refined artwork for one thing; it’s always very rough till the coloring phase. I picked up my artistic habits from a Riot Games artist that goes by the name Kienan Lafferty.  Once I like how the overall image is going, that’s when I go for the coloring and rendering phase. It’s incredibly tedious, yet I find the rendering to be the best part.

13619895_10154336699034438_6452792193827455358_n damien-v2

My journey thus far

Some of the main highlights of my art career were the first two conventions I participated in. Honestly, the first convention isn’t something to write home about, as the event turnout was quite low. But despite the poor attendance, I did get a lot of fantastic feedback from the folks who visited my stand. My second convention participation was at Middle East Film & Comic-Con 2016 (MEFCC2016). That was when my reputation as an artist skyrocketed.


Future plans

I have been planning this one story which temporarily goes by the name ‘D.Play’. I’ve spent about 7 years trying to develop the story, and I aim to publish it as a webcomic sometime in the future once I complete my college degree.


My advice to aspiring artists

The best advice I’ll ever give is that whenever you look at someone else’s art, you mustn’t downgrade yourself by comparing yourself to them. Instead, look at them as your inspiration to develop your talents. The only thing you should ever compare yourself to is your past self; so you can see your own progress. Keep those old drawings of yours for that reason!


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Photo Credit:  Anna Castillo


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