Eco Art Chic

Photography           Eros Goze

Post Processing       Tom Bolivar

Hair & Make-Up     Ginno Alducente

Model                        Fara Manalo

Waste not, want not.

Join the wave of the new age green movement by finding style in ordinary everyday bits and pieces, recycled materials and found hardware that celebrate diversity in expression, textures and artistic interpretation. Challenge the establishment with out-of-the box thinking and intelligently crafted pieces, which toe the line between eco art and fashion that’s stylishly sustainable.

Egg and Paper Ingénue

Turn of the century, white dress made out of recycled kitchen towels and a bodice embellished with eggshell mosaic in graduating sizes – by Shelfred Surdilla


Plastic Venus versus Mars

Two-piece PVC sheet dress with futuristic detailing, with 3-D swirls and cut PVC pipes embellishment. High-heels made of plaster cement, metal heels and cut PVC pipes – by Ushi Sato

Illustrado Barlequin

Out of this world ballerina with a harlequin feel – Illustrado Magazine tear sheets stitched like a puzzle with PVC sheets; bustier top matched with 3-D volume skirt – by Jessie Sindayen

Bridal White Trash

Three-piece ensemble made of a sculpted bolero, bubble wrap corset, and skirt, all appliquéd with embroidered foil and plastic grocery bags, and further embellished with beads made out of foil and softdrink can lids – by Dan De Lima

Chambermaid in Lino

Halter dress made of folded, woven shredded vinyl linoleum, embellished with ruffles and lace cut outs made out of plastic lace table cloth and doilies, studded with inverted crystal clips and held together by cable straps, with no sewing – by Ramil Garrote Noveda

Victorian Bag Lady

Victorian ball gown made of plastic garbage bags, held in by safety pins, accessorized with necklace made out of laundry clips matched with a steel wool bib, steel wool arm “warmers” and braided garbage bag headpiece – by Eros Goze

Designers Guide

*In alphabetical order

Dan Delima – LA DIVA MODA HAUTE COUTURE – Abu Dhabi UAE – Tel: (971) 2

Eros Goze – FARFALLA COUTURE – Dubai, UAE – Tel: (971) 4 283 1010

634 8494

Ramil Garrote Noveda – AMATO HAUTE COUTURE – Dubai UAE – Tel: (971) 4 398 8586

Ushi Sato – WARDA HAUTE COUTURE – Dubai, UAE – Tel: (971) 4 349 5200

Jess Sindayen – EZRA FASHION DESIGN – Dubai, UAE– Tel: (971) 4 395 5385

Shelfred Surdilla – SCALINI HAUTE COUTURE – Dubai, UAE – Tel: (971) 4 348 6151