Editor's Blog - The best Christmas gift… ever

Editor’s Blog – The best Christmas gift… ever

Each year, I’m always hit by the urgency of holiday chores at the very last minute, and shopping for gifts is probably the one that I hate the most.

It’s not that I can’t summon the humongous effort it takes to brave the malls at this time of the year.  What I dread the most is having to find the right presents for those who are nearest and dearest.

I hate to put a damper on your Christmas list, but seriously, how much more toys, gadgets, jewelries, clothes, bags, perfumes, gift vouchers, spa vouchers, etc., etc., can you give or receive year after year, after year?

(You say “never enough”?  Maybe I’m just weird…)

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t give to our family and friends, and that it’s not good to receive presents.  It’s just that there has to be something more to gift giving than these mere “things”; and certainly more to Christmas than the food, the parties, decorations and all.

So this time around, I told myself that my Christmas should go beyond all this and focus on what, to me, is the most important thing of all –


It’s so easy to miss the real essence of Christmas with all the sparkly material trappings that come with it. True enough, many of us, especially faithful Filipinos, know the spiritual significance of the season.  But how many can say, that we truly feel the gratefulness of knowing that a child was born on that special day to save us all? And that we are truly blessed with so many wonderful things each day we are given the privilege to wake up?

Sometimes when we already have everything that is important, we lose sight of the real value of blessings in our lives.

So, I say thank you –

To my family, the most supportive, most loving people on earth, without whom, I am nothing. To my lovely children whom I’m fiercely proud of, and who amaze me each time I catch a glimpse of their humanity, grace and brilliance even at such a young age.  My husband, “partner in crime” and indispensable other half, who has enriched my life invaluably and without whom I cannot live – period.

To my friends – who always give me a reason to laugh and cry, who are a constant source of warmth and comfort, and who know me and accept me, warts and all.

To my Team, my other family – who make my life and work easier, who trudge on tirelessly with me, and who have been there with their hard work, humor and resilience through thick and thin.

To the Filipino community out here who has accepted us with respect, confidence and friendship, and who constantly give me a reason to strive.

And to my Big Boss, thank you for this wonderful world, where despite some moments of darkness, we can still feel the warmth of Your guiding hand.  Thank You for Your constant capacity to provide for us and protect us.  Thank You for the opportunity to live with meaning, touch other people positively, and be touched by the simplest of joys.

Thank You even for the gift of gratitude, of being able to appreciate how constantly blessed we are.

Happy Birthday 🙂



Happy Birthday to you  🙂