Filipino – Founded Startups: Big Data Analytics & Travel


Established Since: January 1, 2018 

Founder: Martin Xavier Peñaflor

  Filipino - Founded Startups: Big Data Analytics & Travel

While market data is instrumental to the research and development facet of companies, it is not the most obtainable considering the high price traditional market research companies often charge for it. Undermining this reality is Tangere App. Empowering Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s), Tangere App provides affordable and real-time market research. For companies that can’t afford the typical PhP1-2 million price, one can have access to the results of nationwide studies that include over 1,800 respondents for as low as PhP70,000. They have also invested in the ‘Rolls-Royce’ of Business Intelligence, Tableau Analytics, to deliver interactive data analytics to their customers based on the results of the market research. Founded by Martin Penaflor, Tangere facilitates the collection of data via mobile application. Based on incentives, respondents can earn points by voting for different survey items available in the app, which in turn can be used to win in raffle draws and for points redemption.

Filipino - Founded Startups: Big Data Analytics & Travel As the chief architect of Tangere App, Martin was an internationally certified business process consultant for SME’s and Large Enterprises from multiple industries before starting the company together with friends from the Market Research and Data Analytics industries. “Our main goal as a company is to provide the same competitive advantage, formerly enjoyed by large enterprises to SME’s. For our Tangere community, providing an alternative platform for them to express their opinions on key issues in the Philippines and at the same time giving them the chance to win items and redeem points is our main priority,” Martin expresses.

Officially launched via Google Play Store in May of 2018, Tangere App has grown immensely. The company currently has 70,000 subscribers purely by word of mouth and has graced the number one spot multiple times on the Google Play trending list. Moreover, they have closed deals with various SME’s in the food and manufacturing industries in the Philippines – namely Gerry’s Grill and Pampanga’s Best – and their survey results have been presented all over mainstream media including CNN, Philippines Star, and ABS-CBN news.



Established Since: 2017 

Founder: Kim Co Lim

Filipino - Founded Startups: Big Data Analytics & Travel

Filipino - Founded Startups: Big Data Analytics & Travel These days, finding smart ways to save money has never been easier, thanks to platforms like TripZeeker. This online meta-search engine allows travelers to compare the prices of numerous tours, activities, and attraction passes for where they’re going. When using TripZeeker, all you have to do is search for tours on the website. You’ll then be given a list of all the available tours with prices from the partner websites based on the keyword typed – it’s that simple. Currently, TripZeeker has aggregated over 85,000+ tours from across the globe. The startup was also featured on regional and local media platforms like CNN Philippines, INC. Southeast Asia, Vietnam Finance, TechShake Asia, Today Singapore, and Entrepreneur Asia Pacific.

Founder of TripZeeker, Kim Co Lim was a former stockbroker at Maybank ATR Kim Eng Securities, and RCBC Securities, Inc. She holds a BS in Management Accounting and has a diploma from the Ateneo Graduate School of Business – having completed a Certified Securities Specialist Course. She is also an Ambassador for the Philippines in the Asia Pacific MSME Trade Coalition (AMTC), and in an NGO based in Singapore. Aside from Kim’s comprehensive background in business, she is a travel aficionado at heart – and with this passion, aims to make TripZeeker the leading travel website in the Philippines and the most significant international tour comparison platform.

Elaborating on her aspirations as a founder, Kim shares: “I aspire to create a travel-based marketplace that enables travelers to browse, compare and book from millions of travel options related to tours, activities, and packages. And to have the opportunity to reshape harmony in the global travel ecosystem by helping travelers to discover the best travel deals and help local tour operators to have more reach online. Being one of the best travel destinations in Southeast Asia, the Philippines is truly world-class, and we should have our own leading travel website. With the help of people who believe in our vision, it’s not far-fetched.”


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