Filipino in UAE: It’s What I Do

May 2015 – It’s What I Do

Jowin Provido

Marketing and Events Executive
Emaar Malls, Dubai

Jowin Provido - Overseas Filipino

My Job

I work as Marketing and Events Executive in one of the largest conglomerates in the Middle East and around the globe, Emaar Malls. My main task is to research and analyze marketing trends, identify target markets, plan thematic campaigns and develop strategies.  I also manage the budget, as well as administer and evaluate the success of each campaign. My job demands long hours, especially in the lead up to a campaign launch, but the satisfaction after a successful campaign is enough reward in itself!  I oversee several Emaar assets including Dubai Marina Mall and Dubai Marina Retail, Pier 7, Gold and Diamond Park, Souk Al Bahar, Downtown Dubai Retail and Community Centers in the Meadows, Springs, Greens and Arabian Ranches.

Jowin Provido - Filipino in Dubai

I always give my best effort on the job and sometimes it goes beyond marketing. Like for instance, I had this project launch at the Dubai Marina Mall and we were undermanned. So as not to delay the project, I ended up taking care of marketing, technical, security and housekeeping.  At the end of the day it’s about getting the job done.

My work day

My typical day often starts with checking emails, afterwards writing a list of ‘things to do’ which I gradually work my way through – although the list tends to grow rapidly! Depending on the stage of the campaign, it will determine the duties but typically, my time is best spent outside the office, where I can be inspired to conceptualize and gather ideas, at the same time, observe the latest market trends!

Career advice

While we might think that we chose a life or career path, sometimes, life can change our plans and we might suddenly find that an opportunity has chosen us. I never imagined that I will be working in the Marketing industry, until the Creator led me into this profession, which in turn, opened my eyes to creativity and flared up my passion.

Jowin Provido - Filipino in UAE

So, don’t be afraid to try new things! Be a risk taker, don’t quit!  In this competitive part of the world, your determination and passion will mark you and your future.



Cristina Rita A. Casiple, CSCP

Global Sourcing/Category Manager

Cristina Rita Casiple

My Job

I am currently Global Sourcing Manager (for batteries) for ELTEK, a Delta Group company,that deals in trading of telecom equipments with headquarters in Norway and regional offices all over the world. I am based in the regional office for MEA in Dubai.

Cristina Rita Casiple - Filipino in UAE

I have been with the company for 9 years. I started in 2006 as Customer Support Representative – the only Filipino in the office for about two years. In 2011, I was promoted to Logistics Manager for Dubai reporting directly to the Managing Director. Because of the scope and complexities of my work, I became interested and fascinated with Supply Chain. Thus in 2013, I committed myself to taking the APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional exam in April of that year and became a Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP). In Jan 2015, I was promoted to Global Sourcing Manager (Battery). My role and responsibilities have now moved from regional to global/Corporate.

Cristina Rita Casiple - Overseas Filipino Workers

My job has also given me lots of opportunities to travel, meet new people and gain more confidence in speaking to and in front of many people. All in all, aside from being very challenging, going from regional to global, has been very rewarding.

My work day

A typical day would normally involve touching base with my boss based in Norway, either via email or SKYPE, coordinating and having meetings with different Corporate Departments, our various regional offices (also via SKYPE or video conferencing), and suppliers. It also mostly involves preparation of strategic plans, analysis of data, and doing trainings and presentations.

Cristina Rita Casiple - Filipino in Dubai

My new role has also taught me to be more flexible and to be available almost all the time as I am working with people of different nationalities and different time zones as well. My working days are either from Sundays to Thursdays or Mondays to Fridays and working hours from as early as 8AM to as late as 11PM. However, I make it a point that I always have a two day weekend – one day spent on chores as well as time with friends, and the other day is my ‘me time’ when I relax and recharge.

Career advice

If you want to succeed in anything and everything, you need to have three qualities – a positive attitude, a grateful heart and a love for what you do/for what you have. If you have these, they will reflect in everything you do, including your performance at work. And performance will always speak for itself. When you feel good about yourself and/or about what you do, everything else just flows smoothly. Everything just falls into place.

You have to be in a good place with yourself in order to feel confident that you can succeed. And when people feel that you are confident with yourself and what you do, they trust you more and have confidence in you too. This is when your success starts. And your success starts with you. With you believing in yourself, your capabilities, and believing that as a Filipino, you can.

And yes, we can. Yes, the Filipino can compete with the rest of the world, and succeed.