Illustrado Entertainment: Muhaisnah Four, Actor Jake Ofrasio & Artist Therese Malvar


Muhaisnah Four Credits to Oscar CablaoMuhaisnah Four drops summer track “Signal”

Filipino Indie music producer, Cromwell Ojeda, the driving force behind Dubai-based electro outfit Muhaisnah Four, has just released their second single “Signal”, a track off their upcoming debut album “A Memoir”.

Ojeda, also known for his work in bands Parallel Soundsystem, Goddamn Electric and as session bassist for international band Juliana Down, describes his latest work as a collection of personal stories from his experiences as a struggling musician in Dubai.

Signal, which also features New York-based artist Veblen Good of the band Turbo Goth, dishes out a wistful summer soundtrack great for the desert weather.  Laced with synths and peppered with just the right dose of handclaps, the song also hints of 70s-disco Manila sound upgraded to match today’s current hipster sensibilities. Other songs in the upcoming album will also be featuring international talents, including UK-based singer Melissa Le Rue.

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Photo credit : Oscar Cablao


Filipino Actor Jake OfrasioFilipino Actor Jake Ofrasio Tapped for Star Trek

Dubai-based Filipino actor Jake Ofrasio recently revealed that he was among those tapped to play a key role on the current film franchise hit Star Trek Beyond.

The 33-year old video editor and part-time model recalls his excitement on being shortlisted for the role of Hikaru Sulu’s husband in the highly-anticipated remake of the legendary Science fiction film. “I didn’t expect it. I mean to be part of a Hollywood production, and an iconic film no less, was already incredible and then I found out it was for the key role of playing Sulu’s Husband I was even more ecstatic”, Ofrasio shared.

The role was eventually given to the film’s co- writer Doug Jung but for Ofrasio to be considered for the role was a big honor.

“I wasn’t disappointed. I was just honored to be considered for such a significant, and maybe even controversial role, and for me it was really just an amazing experience to be part of a Hollywood production,” the actor adds.

Apart from the occasional film roles, Ofrasio has modeled for several TV commercials in the gulf and has been acknowledged in the Philippines for his stint on Independent films Numbalikdiwa (2006), Rakenrol (2011) and Putot (2006).

Photo by Danabelle Gutierrez


Filipino Artist Therese MalvarNew Artist Therese Malvar gains International Recognition

 After gaining attention from the American crowd in the recently concluded New York Asian Film Festival, where she received the Screen International Rising Star Asia award, GMA artist center’s teen protege Therese Malvar also impressed the Russian audience who favored her the Silver St. George Best Actress award in the 38th Moscow International Film Festival for her performance in Ralston Jover’s drama film, ‘Hamog’.

‘Hamog’ features the story of young delinquents who commit crime in order to survive everyday life. Therese plays the role of “Jinky”, a child of the street, strong and confident yet cunning in her ways in order to survive. Her portrayal highlighted the piercing story that tells the sometimes sad and shockng reality of street  kids in the Philippine society.

Photo from GMA artist center