It’s What I Do: Lou Bunyi Pareja Engelica Yanig Pelaez



Hair Stylist – Teng Roma Salon

Dubai, UAE


My Job

I am now currently working as a hair stylist at Teng Roma Salon. Since Teng Roma is based in the Philippines, I also supervise the salon when he is not here in Dubai. This is very challenging to me because I encounter different kinds of people with different personalities on a daily basis. I still very much feel like I’m growing, and learning new things everyday.


What I do

As a stylist, I sometimes get the opportunity to travel. I just recently went to the Philippines for a 5-day shoot. This is to promote Philippine tourism, with Maxine Medina as the model. Maxine will represent our country this coming Ms. Universe competition 2016.

Sometimes, I don’t feel like I’m “working” because I enjoy what I do. I used to model before, and even competed in Paris for The Look of the Year modeling competition. That experience gave me the confidence to pursue my career to teach how to do the catwalk. I also have a business partner back in Manila – Patty Betita. She teaches personality development, while I teach basic makeup. Our clients were mostly hotel staff, bank employees, etc.

Leading workshops is always a fun experience for me. The most memorable one was when I conducted a seminar for breast cancer survivors. My goal then was to show them that despite the ravages of cancer treatment, they can still look good and feel good if they truly wanted to. They were very appreciative and cooperative.


My message to my fellow Filipinos

To all the Filipinos out there: don’t just settle for what you have now. Try to explore and see what the future has in store for you. Show your talent and enjoy life!



Head Model Booker – Gaia Modelling and Eventz FZ

Dubai, UAE



My Job

I am a Head Model Booker at Gaia Modeling and Events. I came here in Dubai 8 years ago fresh from college. AI started out as a promoter, assistant model booker, got promoted to a model booker and finally, a head model booker. I am lucky I get to experience each and every stages. I must say, the struggles are real.

As a Head Model Booker, my responsibility includes the refinery of every little detail to exceed the client’s expectation. From the client meetings – job confirmation, casting – booking, to implementation. The pressure of being on top of every job is extreme as I am the face that represents our company in every project I manage.

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My typical work day

My typical Model Booker life always starts with a professional look-through for walk- in clients and aspiring models. Daily social media updates also fall under my responsibility. I also do a ton of portfolio screening and talent scouting and or giving advice to aspirants on what kind of images they should and should not send to a model agency. I am also responsible for looking into job inquiries. Every once in a while, I attending some workshops to enhance my skills and expand my network. Lastly, I always end my day with some quality time with my family at home.

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My message to my fellow Filipinos

Follow your heart and choose what you think will be more substantial and beneficial for you in the future. Find a job that you absolutely love, and I guarantee you tha you will never work a day in your life.