It’s What I Do: Julius Duran & Vencer Montes

Julius Duran IlustradoJulius Duran

Architect – Perkins + Will

Dubai, UAE

I am an architect working here in Dubai for 7 years. Perkins & Will is an international design firm with its homebase in the US. Our projects range from doing high-end villa interiors, to designing corporate offices, to designing skyscrapers, up to doing urban planning and landscape architecture. Our diverse clientele to name a few are Google and LinkedIn.

My primary job is preparing 3D visuals through computer-aided software which will be used as a communication tool to clearly express the design intent to clients. It will also be used as a marketing tool to sell a certain project. 3D Architectural Visualization is an interesting field. It is a blend of Architecture/Interior Design and Visual Arts, hence I can be technical and artistic at the same time.

My everyday routine here is driving to a nearby Metro station from where I live (because I stay far from where I work) and taking the train to bring me to my office. This is my way of beating the horrendous rush hour Dubai traffic. Weekends are spent in the mall, with the family, maybe hit the beach or do some camping if the weather permits. I live together with my wife and son, which is the best thing as it drives homesickness down to a minimum.

I started my OFW life in Abu Dhabi and made the shift here in Dubai when my wife (who’s also an architect) had a job offer here. So the choice was either she or I would have to travel back and forth Dubai and Abu Dhabi, or I could just find work in Dubai as well so our family could just be rooted in one city. Good fortune may have been on my side at that time, because it did not take long for me to find a job. So here I am.

We Filipinos are a resilient and hardworking people who always take pride on whatever we consider our own. Given the right venue and opportunity, we can rise to be at par with the best in the world. We as a people are emotional and sensitive at best, which means we have passion. That passion, if channeled in the right path, will bring us closer to whatever we are aiming for. All of us working here abroad, whether you’re a service crew or a manager, have the same dream and aspiration: a better future for ourselves, for our family and loved ones, and for our country. So let’s hold on to our dreams, stop complaining or pointing fingers at the mistakes or inefficiencies of others and just do our best. Do good and be good. Together we will be the best!


It’s What I Do Vencer MontesVencer Montes

Clinical Coordinator

The Dental Studio – Dubai, UAE

I am a Dentist by profession in the Philippines, but here in Dubai, I am a Dental Assistant and Clinical Coordinator at The Dental Studio here in Jumeirah.  I have been working here for almost eight years now, and I am very happy. I take part in many dental procedures, mainly Prosthodontics, Surgeries, Periodontics, Endodontics and Orthodontics. I mainly do CADCAM Dentistry here (Digital Dentistry), and I am also responsible for Radiology and Licenses. My job is interesting in the sense that I am rebuilding what is lost, and being a part of the team responsible for restoring smiles and self-confidence.

Filipino Dubai Dentist

I always keep myself challenged. My mentor here in the clinic would show me cases and I will replicate them. We never rest on our laurels. No matter how well we do, we always find ways to do better and perfect what is already perfect. This keeps us on the edge and ahead of everybody. What I also love about what I do is seeing how my efforts help restore the confidence of an individual. Seeing our clients happy is what makes our day. 

My message to all of us, Filipinos: do not think less of yourselves! We can make a difference. Never settle. We can always do better, be better, and be the best! We are a proud nation. Lets show the world what we can do!