It’s What I Do: Milanie Sanchez Regalado

Milanie Sanchez Regalado 

Freelance News Presenter/ Reporter –

Arabian Radio Network,

UAE Correspondent – ABS-CBN The Filipino Channel

Dubai, UAE


It's What I Do: Milanie Sanchez Regalado



My job

I work as a freelance news presenter/ reporter at Arabian Radio Network where I regularly write news copies and conduct interviews in both English and Tagalog.  I also present hourly newscasts for the first and leading Filipino radio station in the UAE, Tag 91.1. I also have the opportunity of conversing with the radio jocks, when we give advice to listeners, voice our opinions on various topics, be light and funny and even sing on air!


I also report on TV as a UAE Correspondent of ABS-CBN’s The Filipino Channel, where I cover people and events in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  The job entails shooting videos, interviewing people, writing scripts and doing voice overs.


It's What I Do: Milanie Sanchez Regalado


My typical working day

My job starts when most people are still in slumber. I usually come to work around 3:30 am and start writing local and international English news copies, then discuss with fellow news presenters (of other stations under ARN such as Dubai Eye, Dubai 92, Virgin, City, etc.) which stories should be used and which ones should be highlighted as leads. I then proceed in writing my Tagalog bulletins; newscasts on the early shift run from 5am until 10am, and in between. I go down to Tag studio for my live teases and chats with the radio jocks. I also upload news stories and photos on the ARN News Centre app, which can also be accessed on the ARN News Centre Facebook page and Twitter account.


Being in my workplace every day uplifts me as writing and reporting are already in my veins. I feel more energetic and grateful for every commendation, appreciative and corrective comments from bosses, colleagues, listeners and viewers.


It's What I Do: Milanie Sanchez Regalado


My message to Filipinos

Aim high but never let your ambitions ruin your character. Use your profession, whenever possible, to serve and help people in need.



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