It’s What I Do – Natalie Mae Misa Duhaylungsod, Jeff Anog & Aileen Fuentes

It’s about Filipino progress and diversity at the workplace


Natalie Mae Misa Duhaylungsod

Assistant Sales Manager

Bin Majid Hotel

Ras Al Khaimah

Resilience and diligence are traits worthy of admiration. And Bin Majid Hotel assistant sales manager Natalie Mae Misa Duhaylungsod says Filipinos have it.

Living proof of this, Duhaylungsod’s describes her typical office day, which starts as early as 7:30 in the morning.  Starting the day with a hot mug of coffee, she sifts through emails and prepares herself up for meetings by 9 a.m. Administrative duties and entertaining hotel guests comes next when she returns to her office at 3 p.m.

Duhaylungsod’s work focuses on business development and account management. She develops and maintains contact with business generators, meeting and convention planners, travel agents, corporate clients and others working in industries closely linked to the hotel business.

She says her job allows her to meet lots of people of varying nationalities, and from all walks of life. But while she enjoys meeting people with colorful personalities, she also notes that it isn’t always easy.

Still, Duhaylungsod insists on working hard and staying strong despite hardships.  “Resilience and diligence are just few of the most important traits Filipinos have which are very evident for the world to see. With these, I would like to encourage all of us to continue rising up to trials and pushing forward as success is surely to be within arms’ reach,” she says.


Jeff Anog


RSM Dahman


As an accountant in RSM Dahman, Anog is responsible for the “financial issues” of private companies like small companies that cannot afford to have an accountant in their staff. His main responsibility is gathering their documented transactions and maintaining their accounting books in a computerized environment.

“Sometimes I look at their accounting software, talk with their staff and ask if they have any issues or questions. I also liaise with external auditors and make some corrective action whenever required,” he adds.

Moreover, he quips that he is also responsible for properly accounting the time spent by their auditors — an essential step needed to compute and analyze their cost over agreed fees of their respective clients.

Despite the tedious job, Anog shares that it does not prevent him from pursing his love for photography. He says that as long as his assignments are done, he can work on his photography during his free time. This is one of the intangible rewards of his job, says Anog who is supported by both his boss and colleagues. Anog says he even gets clients from their referrals.

“Being an artist and a breadwinner at the same time, this opportunity is very important for me. I can do what my heart tells me to do and I can lend a hand whenever my family and loved ones need my help,” he says.

And keeping the passion and staying strong and firm are life principles Anog wants to share. Emphasizing the phrase “follow your passion and be resilient,” he points that passion alone is not enough as there are going to be distractions and struggles along the road to deal with.

While reaching for personal happiness, listening to one’s heart and doing something that you love are major factors to success, he notes that a major key is to keep moving on, whenever something is wrong. “Keep in mind that success is paved with thousands of failures and each failure brings you [closer] to the place you want to be,” he says.


Aileene Fuentes

Office Manager

DTZ – Dubai

Aileen Fuentes describes a true Filipino as someone who is full-spirited in every way, but most especially in work.

As an office manager, her role is to supervise daily office activities daily for the week. This includes implementing office policies and procedures, managing email correspondence and phone queries, oversee supply requisition and equipment maintenance, and communicate with suppliers.

“A cup of coffee gets me started in the morning. Once I start doing the official work, I don’t have time for personal stuff, which is very important.  Only a call of nature will let me rest for awhile from office works,” she quips.

But her work doesn’t end there. Being the resourceful and talented person she is, Fuentes makes singing also a part of her living. She is part of a band, which performs in private and exclusive parties. “A single parent like me has to earn extra to provide for the needs of my kids,” she says.  She says that being in this country for about 15 years “is truly being witness to an interesting and remarkable life story.”

And she sends out a bit of advice to Filipinos to continue being wise and hardworking, because God will eventually bless their perseverance.  “Always be thankful for what you have and do not be afraid to dream high!” she adds.