It’s What I Do: Pinoy Talent On-the-Job

It’s all about Filipino progress and diversity at the work front.



Financial Adviser, Prosperity Insurance Brokerage LLC



My Job

I was a stewardess for 13 years and flew with major international airlines Philippine Airlines, Qatar Airways and Emirates Airlines.  Then motherhood gave me the chance to choose a different career path. I became a financial adviser because I personally experienced the advantages of sound financial planning and got attracted to the benefits of the job – meeting different people and being able to help them.

I help individuals and families keen on achieving their future financial goals. I get an overview of their needs, dreams and goals in life. I listen to financial concerns and analyse their personal situation.  I then propose realistic, unbiased solutions to provide them peace of mind.  Finally, I collaborate with them long term to ensure that plans and goals are accomplished. Moreso, it’s also important for me to show my clients that I practice what I preach.

As a Financial Adviser, I am privileged to show kababayans options on how to live their lives to the fullest whilst their income, families, selves and assets are protected, as well as comfortably preparing for their future dreams. Every Filipino individual and family I have serviced gives me fulfillment because I know that I have set their minds free from uncertainties.

A typical working day for me

Most of my workday is spent with prospects and clients; this helps me build trust and rapport.  Before any meeting though, I first prepare my presentations and research about my client’s profile, know their interests that could encourage them to make the first step towards wealth building. Client meetings are casual and intimate. I usually go to their place. It’s private, quiet and comfortable for them. Other times, I invite them to my place. I cook for them, chit-chat and if they have children, they can play with my daughter in her play room. I conduct an in-depth review of their financial circumstances and future aims which could go for a couple of hours or more.

At the office, I analyze the data gathered and design the best plan suited to individual client’s needs. Liaising with our head office, product providers, updating myself with different financial products, legislation, funds, keeping records up to date to comply with the regulations and informing clients with any changes or updates, these are the things that I typically do before the day ends.

More than just being a financial adviser, I am also a wife and a mother. Breakfast and dinner are always a family affair. I also make sure every week, I spend two full days with my family especially my daughter, Hannah.  What’s great with my job is that I manage my own hours.

Career Advice

Nothing comes easy, but hard work, dedication and persistence will eventually bring you career fulfilment. Explore your potentials in every opportunity. Love what you do and be proud. Be happy to do it. Along the way, you will realize your potential or definitely, somebody else will.

As a Financial Adviser I say we should all enjoy today but don’t forget about tomorrow. Financial freedom is all we OF’s want at the end of the day, opting to come here and leave our loved ones back home is not an easy thing to do.




Art Director, The Idea Agency



My Job

I work on above-the-line or traditional advertising like print, TV and radio for our various clients. I also develop below-the-line advertising requirements like brochures, posters and the like.  One of my most memorable projects involved creating a logo for Damas Cut.  From this, I learned that a diamond can have many different cuts: there’s a Dubai Cut with 100 facets, a Tiffany cut which is very elegant and a Damas Cut with 99 facets that give the diamond its brilliance and luster. I have handled projects involving the most precious stones and most prized jewels in the world. I have also been privileged to see the world’s biggest, perfect pearl and diamonds.

Photography is also a big part of my job. In 2006, I was commissioned to cover Dubai Fashion for En Vouge Magazine. At the same time, I was given an opportunity to shoot a Tiffany & Co. brochure.  That was really my big break. Since then, opportunities to style and art direct jewelry and fashion shoots just kept coming.

Meeting with clients of different nationalities is not an easy task, the buzz of the advertizing world makes me crazy sometimes, but when I see my work published in different newspapers and magazines, I always feel rewarded. It’s like someone is giving me a pat on the back each time, saying, “Job well done, keep it up!”

A typical working day for me

I start my day with a cup of tea while reading the latest news on BBC online. Then, off I go looking for inspirations for my logos, magazine and website requirements for the day. For lunch, I usually just grab a sandwich and stroll around the office for 15 minutes before going back to my seat and losing myself in the world of reality and dreams that I weave together to create the perfect campaign.

Career Advice

In my years in the business, I’ve learned that the best thing to do is to reach for your dreams and don’t let others intimidate you. As we Filipinos say “LABAN kung LABAN.”






Edver Celso’s Photo by Harry Cruz