Michael Cinco’s America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) Cycle 16 Debut

Tongues have been wagging for months between the UAE’s fashion elite crowd and the Philippine style industry with news of Michael Cinco’s debut at the popular US reality show America’s Next Top Model Cycle 16.

Can we?  Could we finally officially announce it?  We were told to keep mum – tough for such hot news on one of the Filipino community’s top couture designers.

But here it is – finally!  Airing this Wednesday is La Cinco’s debut on ANTM Cycle 16.

Michael says, of his ANTM stint, “I live in a place where I see amazing and beautiful things around me almost every day – a place where people aim the greatest, the highest, the grandest. So there are times that nothing fascinates me anymore…as if everything is NORMAL. But when I received a call from the producers of ANTM, I felt so ecstatic and I felt it far from being ‘normal.”

He also shares that when he met Tyra Banks on the set of ANTM the first thing she him was – “So you’re the first Filipino designer in our show and you’re based in the Middle East. Did you bring all the blings from Dubai?”

And the designer did more than just bring the “bling,” he brought his own brand of ingenuous and cutting edge fabulousness with a decidedly elegant twist.

On fashion and fabulousness, Michael recalls a conversation he had with Naomi Campbell when he dressed her in Dubai some ten yrs ago. The supermodel asked the designer about the other things he wanted to do in life other than fashion. Michael replied, “I can’t imagine myself doing anything else than fashion. I eat couture, I breathe couture, I sleep couture.”

To whet your insatiable style appetite, here are choice pics from the show.

Michael Cinco with the photographer-Nigel Barker and Jay Manuel at the landfill where Michael’s pieces were shot.

Photos Courtesy of ANTM