Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf: The Pink Tarha – Tourism Ambassadors

Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf: The Pink Tarha – Tourism Ambassadors

The Pink Tarha - Illustrado 100
The Pink Tarha – Janelle Vales-Yasay (Editor-in-Chief ) extreme right, Reina Vidad Tejano and Jeruly Pangan-Menor – Illustrado 100


Creating positive buzz in Saudi Arabia is a group of Filipinas who won the Saudi Excellence in Tourism Awards 2014/15 for their work in the very successful blog – The Pink Tarha.


A collaborative effort among media and journalism professionals Janelle Vales-Yasay (Editor-in-Chief), Reina Vidad Tejano and Jeruly Pangan-Menor, The Pink Tarha, which started in 2009 has now become the definitive online guide to shopping and dining in Riyadh covering wide array of topics such as travel, eating out, how-to guides, and features. The blog’s entries and social media updates are not only followed by Filipinos in the Kingdom, but also by expats and locals alike who appreciate The Pink Tarha’s positive way of promoting Riyadh as a happening and thriving cosmopolitan city.


Together with its tourism award, the website has also garnered Second Place at the Pinoy Expats/OWFs Blog Awards 2009, and had gone beyond blogging by working on releasing a new Riyadhizen Planner and hosting The Pink Tarha Mornings.


Summing up their main message, The Pink Tarha ladies share, “Contrary to popular belief, Saudi Arabia isn’t totally made up of heaps of sand or camels wandering the dessert. Riyadh, in particular, is a bustling metropolis and it is growing, as we speak. The Pink Tarha is our way of showing the world that hey, it’s not bad here at all! In fact, it could be fun, enjoyable and certainly livable – especially for expats who come here to work. That is, if you only knew where to look.”