Mylene Escano De Guzman – Illustrado 300 Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf

Mylene Escano De Guzman

Sports TV Executive

Photo by: Alvin Paul Meraveles

In a male-dominated industry, Mylene Escano De Guzman stands out as a shining gem.  Head of the Sports Acquisition Unit of Abu Dhabi Sports TV, and an industry professional with over two decades of experience in the field, Mylene wields confident female power that is one part feminine, and two parts tough, allowing her to succeed and add significant value to her station’s growth through the years.

Mylene’s work has also given her a unique opportunity to help Filipino athletes. When the UAE hosted the AFC 2019, it also paved the way for her to create interesting content that showcased Pinoys in various fields of expertise – e.g., health and medical field, arts and culture, as well as fashion and entrepreneurship. This exposure has given the community greater mileage not only in the UAE but in the entire Middle East and North Africa region.

Being in this industry for over twenty years, Mylene has met and worked with many influencers, dignitaries, federation, rights owners, producers and other key opinion leaders. Paying forward the privileges she has been given, she passes on the opportunity by connecting kababayans with her network for possible collaborations.  She shares, “I believe in collaboration to achieve and sustain success.”  She adds, “Collaboration has no hierarchy. We have to act as a unified team and treat each other equally regardless of position and benefits . We also need to help the rookies. As they say, every master was once a beginner.”


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Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf: Mylene Escano-De Guzman – Sports TV’s Pinay Boss

Mylene Escano-De Guzman - Photo by Eros Goze for Illustrado Magazine
Mylene Escano-De Guzman – Photo by Eros Goze for Illustrado Magazine


If you’re a sports fan glued to Abu Dhabi TV, chances are you’re watching your favorite adrenaline packed show thanks to the work of one formidable Filipina.


Meet Mylene Escano-De Guzman Head of Programming, Sports Channel – Abu Dhabi Media (Abu Dhabi TV).  Mylene is in-charge of acquisition and sourcing of international and local sports content for FTA and Abu Dhabi TV’s Pay TV Channels, as well as new channel development.  Her work involves traveling and maintaining good relationships with international sports suppliers and being part of sports market trade shows in Europe, Asia and America.  She also deals with local sports institutions/ federations in the United Arab Emirates and other GCC countries. Such responsibilities mean a hectic life but she handles it all with charm and smarts.


A self-confessed workaholics who has mastered the art of multi-tasking, this professional with over 2 decades of experience in media and setting up channels in the emirates credits good old hard work for her career achievements.  She says, “Every job is a new challenge that once accomplished gives a deep feeling of pride and achievement. I find myself, on occasion, being a consultant-on-the-job when I share my expertise and knowledge the different aspects of the business and business operations.”  The soft-spoken pro also emphasizes, “Honesty is the main foundation of trust at work. Once it is established then you will be on top of everything. Lastly, hard work, work without limits!”