Over 2,000 Pinays Pledged to “Take Charge”

Over 2,000 Filipinas took the “Pinays Take Charge Pledge” at the Philippine Independence Celebrations held at Al Shabab Sports Club, Deira, Dubai on the 10th June 2011, organized by the FILCOM (Filipino Community) the umbrella organization of some 60 Filipino associations in Dubai and the Northern Emirates.

“Pinays Take Charge” campaign is in line with the Women of Substance event, Illustrado Magazine’s annual project for Filipina empowerment. The campaign seeks, not only to create a more positive image for Filipinas in the region, but also to assist in addressing problems and concerns relevant to Filipinas. It comes with a guideline of specific advices hoping to inform, educate and alert Filipinas on how to handle compromising situations. Filipinas who take the “Pinays Take Charge” pledge are accounted to follow and execute the campaign’s guideline.

The “Pinays Take Charge Pledge” include reminders for Filipinas on being responsible for their bodies and their actions, being alert of possible dangers or situations that can lead to trouble particularly in a Middle Eastern settings, as well as loving themselves and exercising self-respect.