About Pinays Take Charge


The Pinays Take Charge campaign is an advocacy project of Illustrado in line with the Women of Substance endeavor created to contribute to Filipina empowerment. The project seeks, not only to create a more positive image for Filipinas in the region, but also to assist in addressing problems and concerns relevant to Filipinas.


The Pinays Take Charge Guidelines have been written to provide simple guidance specific to prevalent Pinay issues in the region – to inform, educate and alert Filipinas to possible causes of problems. The information and provided herewith come from insights from countless Filipinas interviewed or who participated in the research of this project.


To know more about Pinays Take Charge or to be a part of this movement email us at: [email protected], or call (+971 4) 365 4543. You can also visit our website: illustradolife.com or our Facebook Pages – Illustrado Magazine, Go Pinay.


Living in the Middle East

Bear in mind that the Middle East has a totally different culture to the Philippines and certain behaviors and practices, which are considered normal or are tolerated in the western world, can get you into trouble.


Some ‘simple things’ that can get a woman in trouble –

  • Chatting and smiling innocently and referring to strange males as “My Friend”
  • Accepting a ride from a stranger or going into a stranger’s flat
  • Allowing unknown males into your home
  • Dressing in clothes which are considered too revealing – i.e showing thighs (wearing shorts), uncovered shoulders, cleavage and other sensitive body parts, especially in public areas or locations where there are a lot of bachelors


Did you know that these things are prohibited, punishable by law and can get somebody in jail?

  • Getting pregnant out of wedlock
  • Having a physical relationship with a man who is not your husband
  • “Living in” (cohabiting)
  • Public display of affections – kissing, etc.



Dear Empowered Filipina,

We are fortunate to belong to a country and community where we are recognized, treated with respect and provided equal opportunities.

However, we still have a long way to go towards achieving our full potential, especially outside our own country where we are sometimes looked at negatively, or where we can easily fall into bad situations.

It’s time that we face our pressing issues and take control of our life.

We invite you to take the Pinays Take Charge Pledge which hopes to inform and remind you of some simple guidelines that should help you towards success, and to avoid problematic situations.

This is a project that hopes to contribute to the Empowerment of Filipinas around the world.

Let us all take one step forward.


Go Pinay!

Taas Noo, Filipino!





  1. My body is my own. I will take care and protect it, knowing full-well that I should not depend on somebody else to do so, or to make that decision for me.


  1. I will be careful in trusting others, especially strangers and strange men. I know that by befriending strangers, or putting my safety in the hands of people I don’t really know, I could be putting myself in danger.


  1. I will be aware of the rules and understand the customs and cultural sensitivities of my host country, and will adhere to these without fail. Ignorance is not an excuse and could land me in trouble.


  1. I will dress appropriately at all times. I will dress depending on the place, the occasion, the people I will meet and the environment that I am going to.


  1. I will be aware of my verbal and body language. I will be careful with what I say and what I do. I know that my words, actions and Filipino friendliness can sometimes be misunderstood as a sexual come-on by strange men.


  1. I will protect myself and fight back, whether verbally, physically or otherwise, if somebody attacks or harasses me or makes me feel threatened. I will show them that Pinays are strong and will not allow themselves to be victims.


  1. I will nurture myself. I know my worth and I will not settle for less than what I deserve. I will be true to myself and continue to grow my talents, my skills, and passions as I tread the path towards success and true independence.


  1. I will live with self-respect and will safeguard – not sell out – my values.


  1. I will make my own decisions and understand that whatever choices I make, I will have to be responsible for them completely.


  1. I will love myself, knowing that nobody else can love me as wholly and completely as I can, and that I cannot give love if I have no love.



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