Pinoy Pro: Celebrating the Professional Filipino


Senior Project Manager

Bond Interior, Dubai

Architecture graduate Anthony Lorenzo Apolinario has always been in the business of building things. Before coming to UAE, he was working as an in-house architect for one of the leading developers in the Philippines.

Now, in Dubai, he is a Senior Project Manager in Bond Interior, one of the top interior fit-out and turnkey contractors in UAE. “I am also managing two of the stakeholders of the company thus taking a role of a Key Account Manager aside from my own projects.”

Speaking as someone whose profession involves designing and building structures from scratch, Apolinario says that what is most fulfilling about is job is completing a project.  “Our projects are our trophies while customers’ satisfaction is what keeps us going,” he said.

“My greatest achievement is the completion of the Desert Islands Resort and Spa interior refurbishment. The hotel is considered as one of the most luxurious resorts located at Sir Bani Yas, Abu Dhabi,” Apolinario said, describing his latest trophy.

When he is not tinkering with a new project or mulling over a building idea, you will find Apolinario on the basketball court or at the gym. “These activities are my outlet from stress at work. I see to it that I am well rested on Fridays.”

Back in the Philippines are his children who serve as his motivation.  “Here in Dubai, I am happy to have a partner who gives me strength and courage to aim high,” he concluded.



Administration Manager

Huawei Technology – Dubai

BS Hotel Restaurant Management graduate from San Sebastian College Recoletos de Manila Romianne Carla Miclat Quion, says “I was once a very keen cheerleader in my college days and lived an active teenage life.”  This young lady brought the same energy and sunny disposition with her, when she moved to Dubai shortly after graduation.

From working as a staff at a popular beauty retail outlet in Dubai, as well as taking various office positions, Quion has grown and climbed the corporate ladder.  She is now the Administration Manager at Huawei Technologies.

“I am the head go-to girl on anything that involves administration. My typical day includes providing support to the director and GM. It involves a significant amount of paper work and visa processing, among other ad hoc tasks in the office. Name what you need, I can get it done — and in no time!” she quipped.

Evidently one who enjoys rising to the occasion of each deadline thrown at her, Quion says of her job, “I’m given a chance to meet high caliber people of different industries. That alone is already rewarding in itself. It gives me a certain high knowing that one day, under normal circumstances I can be one of them.”

“As a woman, I can say a great achievement is becoming a mother to a two year old girl, she is the best thing life has rewarded me. She is my driving force when I hit low points and just a smile from her would make all of life’s challenges worth it. She reminds me that I am in the best part of my life and that nothing can stop me in achieving more out of this life,” she said.




Decoria – Abu Dhabi

After graduating from Architecture school, Joan Yamson Liberato first worked in China as a Graphic Artist. Currently, she is an Architect in Decoria. Abu Dhabi, UAE.

“I usually do interior design, all the design concepts, layouting. I visit our project site and choose all the materials that are to be used. Everyday my mind bubbles with plans and ideas.”

As someone who is involved in design, Liberato says that after convincing a client to take on their design proposals and the execution of their work, “It’s a great feeling to see a smile on their faces after the job is completed.”  She says that this is one of the rewards of her job.  But making her parents proud of what she has achieved easily trumps that. “We have very close family ties and I can say that I have the coolest family ever!



Restaurant Manager

Jawad Business Group – Dubai

Having always worked in customer service, BS Computer Engineering graduate from the University of Baguio Herbert Rios Galiza first worked as a Customer Service Representative of Microsoft Xbox360 in NCO Philippines. Currently, he is combining customer service and food in his current post as restaurant manager.

As a the manager of a busy restaurant outlet, Galizo manages day-to-day operations, while at the same time taking care of the Human Resources training and development.  Galizo is also key in executing the restaurant’s marketing campaigns, as well as achieving the outlet’s profit objectives.

“One of my achievements so far is being able to efficiently manage one of the busiest restaurants of JBG,” said Galiza.

When not working, Galiza is into photography – a recently discovered passion. “I’ve been taking photos for some time now, yet only a few months ago I started thinking about simple stuff as subjects in photos,” he said.