Real Style, Real People: Fashionable Filipinos


Dress down but style up!  Here’s how you do ‘fab casual.’ Check out our exciting fashion picks from some of the Most Fashionable Filipinos on the World Wide Web.


Nicole Andersson

Manila – Philippines

Photo by Sweet Escape (sequined top)Nicole Andersson Fashion Nicole Andersson Filipinos Fashion


Jernih Agapito

Nueva Ecija – Philippines

jernihagapito.blogspot.comJernih Agapito Filipino Fashion (2)Jernih Agapito Filipino Fashion


Lester Ivan

Dubai – UAE

themetrosapiens.wordpress.comLester Ivan FashionLester Ivan

Khel Recuenco

London – UK

themetrosapiens.wordpress.comKhel Recuence and Radj Santos Khel Recuenco Fashion Khel Recuenco


Josie Delfin

Dubai – UAE

Photo by Val Montuerto (blue dress)Josie Delfin - Poto Val Montuerto Dress - Ushi Sato Josie Delfin Fashion


Joe Dark

Dubai – UAEJoe Dark Fashion