Dr. Rommel Pilapil Sergio – Illustrado 300 Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf

Trailblazer – Dr. Rommel Pilapil 

Academic and Philanthropist

Photo by: Donell Gumiran


Dr. Rommel Pilapil has contributed substantially to the world of academia, co-authoring over 30 research papers that were presented and won awards in a number of international academic conferences, including Harvard University. He was recognized by the Oxford Journal as one of the top 50 global educators, and received two of the highest awards given to an academic in the area of research and publication in 2018: Research-Scientist of the Year and the Research Advocacy Award International Association of Scholarly Publishers, Editors and Reviewers.

Through his work as an HR consultant, he has been hailed as one of the Outstanding HR Practitioners by the Society of HR Practitioners Association in the UAE. As a community servant he has been providing pro bono counseling programs for distressed Filipino expats in the UAE for years, and has been supporting underprivileged students in 11 towns in Rizal Province in the Philippines via a scholarship initiative he established in 2015. A true-blue humanitarian, he remarks: “Our cognitive, intellectual faculties become futile if the vast knowledge, skills, and abilities we possess are not shared nor transferred for others to benefit. Hence, altruism as a virtue is the by-product of enriching ourselves. We become selfless as we perform random acts of kindness – which is the ultimate purpose of our very existence.”

Last year, together with experts, he co-founded the Psychological Society of the Philippines – UAE, which aims to make psychosocial services accessible to Filipinos, with the support of the UAE’s Ministry of Happiness and Ministry of Health. The project hopes to provide preventative help, as well as crisis interventions for depression and self-harm, to those who need it the most.



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Dr. Rommel Pilapil Sergio

Educator, Humanitarian


“Our abilities are futile if we will not use it for the benefit of humanity. Making things happen is not just to realize our goals in life, but also to help others hone their full potentials.” Dr. Rommel Pilapil Sergio, Professor – Faculty of Management at the Canadian University Dubai, writer, mentor, community leader, and philanthropist has found his life purpose through supporting and guiding the young to become leaders of today’s global society.

Two of the highest awards given to an academic in the area of research and publication were bestowed upon him in 2018 – Research-Scientist of the Year and the Research Advocacy Award – from the International Association of Scholarly Publishers, Editors & Reviewers. Dr. Rommel also received the ‘Heroism Award on Community Engagements’ as a part of ABS CBN’s Global Pinoy Idol series, and was named as an Outstanding International Educator by the United Federation of Filipino-American Educators in a ceremony held in Washington, DC. These honors come on top of his 2016 Presidential Award for Filipino Individuals Overseas, as well as his inclusion in the Top 50 Global Educators Award conferred by the Oxford Journal: International Journal of Business and Economics at Cambridge University.

Academia aside, Dr. Rommel is a humanitarian at heart, having led pro bono counseling programs for distressed OFWs. Through the scholarship foundation he built in the Philippines in 2015, he has also supported the education of underprivileged students.   He shares the ultimate prize for all the work that he has put in to further his advocacy, “The greatest reward we acquire in our sojourn is not monetary, it is when the person we have helped has also touched the lives of others by extending themselves unconditionally.”





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Rommel Pilapil Sergio, PhD

Award-winning Academic


Rommel is the Human Resource Management Program Chair at the Canadian University Dubai. His is a distinguished position earned through years of outstandingly hard work, but to him, it is more than just another job description. Being in the scholastic industry for 18 years, it has been his life’s mission to help pave the way for the younger generation, and guide them as they fulfill their role as the hope of the future. He is one of the recipients of the 2016 Presidential Awards for Filipino Individuals Overseas (Pamana ng Pilipino Award Category), Top 50 Global Educators Award as conferred by the Oxford Journal: International Journal of Business and Economics at Cambridge University and has been recognized by other global award giving bodies.


Even being away from the Philippines for a decade now, his way of giving back to the Filipino community is by extending help to those who are impoverished but aspire to finish education through Dr. Rommel Sergio Scholarship Foundation. He understands the challenges of a financially burdened family because he himself came from one. He shares “I earned things the hard way.  I have been a consistent scholar from secondary to my tertiary education. The challenges in the past had pushed me to strive for excellence and at the same time have the passion to serve others by educating young minds and participate in community service.”
Dr. Rommel wants to be remembered as a global educator that promotes work ethics, hard work, commitment, competencies, and dedication that are valuable traits to be a standout. Because at the end of the day what defines excellence is our sound character.


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  1. DR Rommel Sergio serves as an inspiration not only to Filipinos but to all who are struggling to fulfill their dreams . His hardwork , perseverance , commitment , passion in his work and love for his fellow makes him oustanding .But, what I admire about is his humility and kindness to all . I am personally challenge and inspire of your achivements especially in the field of research hope that I may be able to publish my paper too ! MY salute and admiration to you ! Kudos ! GOd Bless you always sir romel

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