TRENDBREAKER! A Guide To Finding Your Own Style


A Guide To Finding Your Own Style

By Bettina Micu


Today’s generation is very fashion conscious, arguably more so than their 90’s and 80’s counterparts. We live in a time where the scale and magnitude of media are heightened by strides in communications technology. The youth is constantly being bombarded by news of the latest trends, shoe releases, and what outfits the A-listers have been rocking. No matter where they are, they have access to an almost infinite amount of inspiration and information; from following their favorite brands on social media to taking wardrobe advice from style bloggers. No wonder fashion has become an inseparable part of the new generation’s worldview.

Fashion resonates in everything that we do, even unconsciously, from the school bags on our shoulders, the watches we wear, and how we carry ourselves. We as the youth are always so into the latest fashion trends, but one must bear in mind: keeping up with the world’s ever changing trends come at a great cost. Moreover, trends come and go at a dizzying rate. Sure, chokers and ripped jeans may be a big thing right now but once another trend replaces them, expect to be putting them away till it comes back around 10 years from now. We sometimes get so invested in trends we become completely unaware of the personal style that is boiling inside of us, just waiting to break through.




Here are some important tips on how you can assert your individuality through fashion at a great value!


Basic is classic

Instead of breaking the bank (or your parents’) on buying what’s “in” now, start your closet off with basic pieces that you can easily mix and match to make different outfits. Trust me: with the right improvisation, no one will even notice you wore that shirt yesterday! Skinny jeans, a white button down, an edgy skirt, little black dress, basic tees, tennis shoes, and a nude pair of heels are just some of my basic essentials that are easy to find in the most affordable deals, so go ahead and spend the rest of your money on your lunch!


Celebrate Your Identity

Don’t be afraid to wear what others may find weird. Wear what makes you feel good! Everyone has a personal style, and if you are struggling to identify yours, fashion offers a lovely path towards self-discovery. Take notes of what you like and why you like them, and then create moodboards or collages. Don’t knock collages as some silly elementary school project. They can be awesome tools for plotting your personal aesthetic.


Don’t dress to impress. Dress to express!

Dress how you feel, or how you WANT to feel! I am a firm believer that the clothes you wear reflect your mood. What happens within you manifests itself on your wardrobe, so be more self-aware. Having a low day? Add a little glitter or pink to your outfits, why don’t you? Don’t be afraid of anything- your style should be unique, just like you!

_mg_3130And lastly, always remember: there are no rules.

As long as you are not offending anyone’s cultural sensitivities, always operate from the mindset that anything goes in this day and age. The inner child in me jumps for joy knowing that I can wear overalls accompanied by tennis shoes without being getting so much as a second glance. Wear what you want to, and not what you have to in order to fit into someone else’s standards. You don’t have to be “trendy,” as much as you have to be authentic. As with anything beautiful, style is subjective. What’s uncool to some could be inspirational others. Set trends instead of trying to follow them. Seasons may change, but personal style is forever!