UAE Immigration: Visa, Deportation, Blacklist & Appeals

by Atty. Barney Almazar

UAE Immigration, VISAFilipinos in the UAE, like any other foreigners are subject to the provisions of Federal Law No 6 of 1973 on Entry and Residence of Foreigners as amended.

The General Directorate of Naturalization and Residency (GDNR) is the authority responsible for the issuance, renewal and cancellation of entry permissions and visas pursuant to the rules and instructions issued by the Ministry of Interior.

Residence Permits

There are 2 major types of residence permits:
a. For employment – under the (1) government, federal, public sector, international bodies and corporations, (2) private sector as a worker, employer
or employee and (3) individuals as professionals, domestic servants and the like; and
b. For residence without employment – granted to those who will (1) join his family, (2) enroll in a university, college or institute, and (3) join a training or specialty course in one of the public corporations or entities.
The holder of residence permit shall be authorized to reside in the UAE during the granted period, and shall, upon the expiry of or earlier cancellation of the permit, leave UAE within a maximum period of thirty days.
The residence permit shall be deemed cancelled if the holder stays outside the UAE for more than six months.
Visit visa holders are not allowed to work anywhere in the UAE with or without payment or for his own as employer. If the visa is issued for employment, the holder cannot work for another without the written consent of the GDNR.


A foreigner who has no expired or cancelled residence visa shall be deported at his own expense by an order of the GDNR. However, the Ministry of Interior may issue an administrative order for deportation of any foreigner, even if the foreigner has a residence visa, in the following cases:
a. if he has been convicted and the court has issued an order for his deportation;
b. if he has no apparent means of living; and
c. if the security authorities see that deportation is dictated by public interest, security or morals.
The order of deportation issued to a foreigner may include the members of his family who are under his sponsorship. If the foreigner against whom a deportation order has been issued has interests in the UAE which require to be settled, he can be granted respite to settle such interests after providing an acceptable sponsorship provided that such respite will not exceed three months.


The Blacklist contains the names of individuals prohibited from entering or leaving the UAE for committing a crime, for claims of civil rights against them or for posing a threat to public security. According to Article 94 of the Executive Regulations of Federal Law No 6 of 1973 as amended by Ministerial Decree No 83 of 2002, the following are prohibited from entering the UAE:
1. Those who have previously committed crimes and a deportation order from the UAE has been issued against them by the competent court;
2. Those who were deported according to administrative orders issued by the Ministry of Interior;
3. Those whose activities were reported by the International Criminal Cooperation Administration;
4. Those who were proved to be have HIV or AIDS or other diseases that the Ministry of Health deems to be threat to public health; and
5. Those who were deported from GCC countries on criminal grounds.

The same article provides the list of individuals who are prohibited from leaving the UAE:

1. A person against whom an order has been issued by the Public Prosecutor or a representative thereof in a case under investigation;
2. A person against whom a written order has been issued in a case by a competent court; and
3. A person who is indebted to the government and a prohibition order has been issued by the Minister of Interior or his representative.
In addition to the blacklist, there is also an Administrative List which contains the names of individuals prohibited to enter UAE due to cancellation of their residence permits and those who cannot leave the country and are to be apprehended due to an absconding case filed by their sponsors.

 UAE Immigration: Visa, Deportation, Blacklist & Appeals

Penalties and Fines

A foreigner against whom a deportation order has been issued may be held in custody for a period not exceeding two weeks wherever such custody is essential for the execution of the deportation order.
In Dubai, holders of expired or cancelled residence visa is subject to AED100 fine (after the 30-day grace period) plus AED25/ day of overstay. Holders of expired tourist visa is subject to AED100 fine plus AED100/ day of overstay.
Failure to pay the fine will mean jail term for a maximum of three months and the courts may likewise order deportation after serving jail term.

Overturning Deportation Orders
A person who has been deported may not return to UAE unless a special permission is secured from the Ministry of Interior. The mechanism to overturn an order of deportation varies as to the cause of such deportation:
• An amnesty law issued for the crime committed by the deportee or a pardon decree issued for the crime will allow the deportee to return to the country
• Legal rehabilitation • A court decision passed for the deportee


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UAE Immigration: Visa, Deportation, Blacklist & Appeals

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Common questions regarding visa, immigration, deportation, blacklist and appeals –

The General Directorate of Naturalization and Residency (GDNR) is the authority responsible for the issuance, renewal and cancellation of entry permissions and visas pursuant to the provisions of Federal Law No 6 of 1973 on Entry and Residence of Foreigners as well as the rules and instructions issued by the Ministry of Interior.

Who are deemed foreigners? Is dual citizenship recognized in the UAE?

Any person who is not a citizen of UAE is considered a foreigner subject to the immigration laws of the country. The UAE does not recognize dual citizenship. If you are a dual citizen, you must present the same passport in entering and exiting the country.

If a Filipina marries an Emirati, will she automatically become a citizen of UAE?

No. She is required to renounce her Philippine citizenship and apply for Emirati citizenship. Children with Filipino mother and Emirati father can acquire Emirati citizenship.

What are the types of entry permissions to UAE? If issued in Dubai, can it be used in Abu Dhabi?

The GDNR issues visit/tourist visas, residence visa for employment and residence visas without employment (such as those sponsored by their family).

The entry permits/visas, regardless of place of issuance, is valid in any emirate.

Can I work under a visit visa?

No. A visit visa will not allow you to work, whether paid or not. Even if you are self-employed, you are not allowed to perform any work on a visit visa.

If your visa is issued for employment, you cannot work for another without the written consent of the GDNR.

Can a visa be cancelled without notification to the holder? Can I be deported even if my visa is still valid? 

The Ministry of Interior can cancel a visa/entry permit at any time, even prior to expiry date for reasons of public interest.

As a general rule, only those who have no, expired or cancelled visa are deported. However, the Ministry of Interior may issue an order for deportation of any foreigner, even if he holds a valid visa, in the following cases:

  1. if he has been convicted and the court has issued an order for his deportation;
  2. if he has no apparent means of living; and
  3. if the security authorities see that deportation is dictated by public interest, security or morals.

What are the rules being observed by the UAE Immigration regarding a foreigner’s passport?

The passport must conform to the following in order for its holder to enter UAE:

  • must have a validity of not less than 6 months
  • no manipulation of photo
  • no removal or alteration in the particulars
  • no apparent damage that prejudices the particulars
  • no irregularities in pagination/page numbers/missing/pulled pages

If the grace period (following the visa cancellation) has lapsed, can I just pay the overstay fine while waiting for my new visa?

You can pay the overstay fine as long as your previous sponsor has not yet filed an absconding case against you. Your sponsor has the right to report you as an absconder if you failed to leave the country or get a new visa after the lapse of your grace period following cancellation. Even if you are willing to pay your overstay fine, the Immigration will still require you to clear your absconding case.

Can my employer file an absconding case against me if I’m not in the country?

As a general rule, an absconding case can only be filed if the employee is inside the UAE. However, your employer can file an absconding case against you and cancel your visa if you are out of the country for more than 3 months.

What is an exit prohibition order?

It contains the list of individuals who are prohibited from leaving the UAE due to:

  • an order has been issued by the Public Prosecutor in a case under investigation;
  • a written order has been issued in a case by a competent court; or
  • indebtedness

If I have a pending Police Case, can my visa application be granted?

It depends where you are at the time of application. If you are in the UAE, your visa application will be denied unless you will be able to clear your case. If your visa application is being processed while you are outside UAE (meaning a case has been filed against you after you left UAE), then your visa will still be approved as the government is interested to acquire jurisdiction over your person and proceed with the case when you enter UAE.

Is it true that those who were deported can return to UAE after a year?

The automatic removal from the blacklist has limited application. Only the following can re-enter the country one year following their deportation: (1) domestic helpers whose visas were cancelled prior to expiry of contract; (2) those deported for overstaying and (3) those who did not pay their overstay fine in full.

Those deported for other reasons can return to UAE by appealing their cases before the Immigration, Prosecutor or the courts.

Is it legal to buy a visa? How can I legally stay in the country if I do not have a sponsor?

Buying of visa is illegal. The easiest and most practical way to have your own visa is to create your own company that will sponsor your residence visa.

You will not need to lease an office space or find a local sponsor. You can even split the cost of setting up a freezone company with your friends as all of you can become shareholders and at the same time be sponsored by your own company. A freezone company can provide you up to 3 visas valid for 3 years for only AED35,000. If you have more friends who wants to become shareholders, you can setup a company with up to 6 visas for only AED45,000.

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  1. My Name is Mubashar i was came in 2015 on visit visa of 90 days my sponsor put me in abscond and then i got 9700 AED fine due to over stayed in UAE after that i got 30 days jail and judge asked me if you want to stay you should find new employer and should pay fine of 9700 that time i have not money so i said i want to go back my home country then they put me 30 days in jail and then i bought my ticket and came back as blacklisted can i remove my this case from immigration.

    1. السلام عليكم ورحمة اللة وبركاته.Hello sir how are you mashallah good hello sir am 20 years ere in jobs Dubai my all company medical visa iFIT good but first time private car driver visa medical unfit medical. You have chance please sir help me i was asked to leave UAE in the 27.OCT.2016 as the medical Dubai authority said that I have a scar in my x-ray ( lungs), which indicates old TB and not ac tive TB. I want to go back to Duabi as my wife works in dubai and I had to come back to Pakistan. My wife can’t leave UAE because of the contract with the employer in UAE. And I’m banned permanently to enter UAE. Hence we are stuck and not able to get together. Please suggest a way out to lift the ban on me as I’ve got the medical checkup done in Pakistan.Gamca Cantre gullf medical report check and I’m medically fit and don’t have any no TB Please sir help me answer me thanks But I am sir I am too much like Dubai Emirates Please sir help me my career five son my baby sir you have chance tell me Sir my all document you want tell me sir thanks. my whatsapp nabr.00923077086600 [email protected] جزاك اللة خير

  2. Muhammad Sulaiman says:

    My company has applied a employment visa but the immigiration reject my visa and black list my name but i have never visit uae before is there any solution ?kindly help me please!

    1. Christine barrios says:

      This usually happens when a person with atleast three similar particulars as yours has had a ban and the system AI gets confused.Try reaching wirestork.Thry should help.

  3. hi sir
    my name is surya nath baral i am from nepal and before eight year ago i was work in the emarata petrol company and i didn’t cancel the my visa now i have get job in the so i want to check i am in the black listed or not please can you help how can i know about that please

  4. Hi This is MINI from pakistan i need to ask i deport from UAE 13 july so need to ask that how i remove my deport legally please my daughters want to come back there schools please help me out

  5. Hi All Umair here i was live in uae my arbab cancel my visa and he didnt inform me when
    i know about my cancellation i ask him he said dont worry i will pay ur fine and submit ur new visa but he didnt submit new visa and ran away after 1 year so i go to aweer and aweer deported me i have job right now but im bann in immigration how i remove my bann that was not my fault

  6. Dear sir mutebi abdu from Uganda aged 24yrs holding passport B1276020 .I got a problem where someone was processing my visa for dubai bt i was told that my name is in the blacklist yet i have never visited any Galf / UAEcountries what can I do.+256750645217 what’s up no.thanks

  7. Ramakrishna says:

    My name is Ramakrishna I was booked a case in UAE in 2007 while visit friends room, bcz that lady doesn’t have visa, i went there to meet her brother came by visit visa on the same day CBI was arrested and i got bail and fight in court finally I was jailed in 3 months.

    My eyes are scanned and my finger prints taken.

    after jail i was sent India, at the airport I stamped as not allowed to UAE from the date of departure.

    I got news UAE has lifted all bans, i want to know if my ban is still available? shall i come back to UAE? my old pass port is expired and got new passport.

      1. Munshi khan says:

        There sir i m not stay in jal i went dirict in cid office they stemp on my pasport blak list i m over stay at dubai nearly 5 r 6 month so how mor i m not enter in dubai

      2. Hi, i was in jail over a misdemeanor case at al aweer in 2007 and got pardoned after a year and a half,the case would have taken shorter but i the UEA judicial services take long, all my bio data was taken. Now my problem is that i need to go to india via sharjah,is this possible?will i be arrested?

  8. Dear sir. Am Ugandan who came to work as a baby sitter. And I have overstayed for one year and ten months. And we were called in court to pay the fines a nd my sponsors paid. But after paying they are issuing me another visa because I don’t have a visa in my passport yet. So if i don’t want to work anymore will I be banned or blacklisted coz I don’t know what will happen. And do you really think I can.pass the air port without a visa by just showing them my fine pay slips. And do you think I will be banned or done anything wrong coz it wasn’t my intention to but the delay was from my sponsors. All I need is to know if I will not be blamed from coming back here coz I have no crime and I have paid in.full my fines. Please tell me if nothing is going to happen to my documents. Thnx.

  9. Dear sir/mdm
    Good after non. I was working in dubai map hayper star llc.carrefour century work peroiud was 1/1/2007 till 8/2014 after that i applay for onther job i get my job when i went for madical my madical was feel.then my pro take me to emmigration in ummul quven they take my pinger prints and then they depot me when i was come to pakistan i take the complet tretment now i am apsalotly ferpect.after that i applay for vist visa almost 4/5 times but its cancelled by immegration.sir in my perioud i did not do the thinngs aginst law.befour now and after also i much respect the uae law but i dont now whats the matter in my visa way they cancelld i dont now.dear sir/mdm with all due respect i want to go back to uae i have authorized licnce uae.i want to work again in uae please sir kindly to chaik my froblem and let me to go back to uae.kindly replay me what i have a problem in immegration.your obdent
    Waqar jan please sir i want to now about my problemin immegation til what time my ban will fineahd.

  10. My name is Zain ud din before I worak sharjah municipality driver now iam balak list now I want come back UAE so plice help me my contact number Pakistan 00923482309438 plice reply me

    1. Felicia chukwu says:

      My name is Felicia chukwu, a Nigerian citizen with passport number A06165801 bf I lost it in Dubai then BC of it I over stayed like 9 months looking for my passport which I didn’t see it so I went to police station to report they refer me to our embassy which I went and obtain tc frm our consulate and Dubai immigration give me outpast to go back to Nigeria ,now I have obtain another passport frm Nigerian immigration in Nigerian and I wants to come back so I want to kno whether I am banned to enter UAE again or I am free.pls I am waiting for the reply via in my email thanks

  11. Slm sir… My name is Nigora i’m frome uzbekistan, first time i go to UAE 1099 yare wed 1 monts turist visa..after my visa finish.. after i well stay bedaot visa 1 yare in emirat .. 2000 yar i’m wont to go my kantri… how i go i dont no??? Bekos i dont have visa.. after sam leydis thek me rasulkhema jell i stay 8 days after polis tekh me airaport dubai i well get block lest end i com back my kantri…after 2005 yars i well get other family in my kantri first my family HASANOVA NIGORA,,, seken i get ISMAILOVA NIGORA i go to back emirat 2005 i well work kosmetik kompany i get resident visa 3 time… last time i get new visa 2012 i come my kantri july, end i go back 2012 novomber sharjah airaport, end emigration stop me tekh me dubai jell..i’m stay 10 days jell… end i go to aot for 4 monts end.. no bady halp me…..i’m cansel my resident visa i go to back jell ..i stay 1 wekh… i get agent block lest end his tek my aes in kompyuter.. i com back my kantri..nave 3 yar i’m in my cantri..sir plise ef u can help me? Help me plise i wont go to back imerat bekos 9 yare i well stay in UAE i like sem my kantri. I vont work in imerat plise sir… i dont do eni rong samthink ensait UAE..tell me plise have i can go


  12. I am blacklisted in lebanon. I didnt do any crime. I want to back lebanon coz my work waiting for me.wht shall i do to cancel my blacklist and who can help me.

  13. sir, my name is gopesh meawani . .last 16 year i m living in moscow . I LEFT FROM DXB 2000. THEN I come to moscow . after 2000 i m going in every year to dxb . every thing is ok . BUT WHEN 2014 i m ngoing in ettihad airlins from axb to dxb thet arrival is ok but when i m going to axd to moscow immigration officor is stop me and ask me DADNT COME AGAIN AXB . I ask him whats problom with me. he sayas i dont know . then coming some officor he also chake my all doc and says you go to dxb no axd .i says ok . then i change my natinolty i go again dxb my wife and he stoped me and say U R diported people why u come to dxb . i ask him why i diported people . he says i dont now .didnt come in UAE . i chang my ticket and wife ticket i come from airport to moscow . Till now i dont no why i diport from dxb


  14. can anyone help me? i lost my stamped visit visa paper. can i go back without the stamped paper? if not what can i do for this?

  15. I’m Takhmina Karimova from Tajikistan was rezedent in UAE more dan 10 years, I has deported 20 of October 2016 from Ajman diwan , with out court and case , how I can know why Diwan deport me with case and arrest paper ? And it is possible to remove it

  16. khan tariq mehmood khan says:

    sir my name is tariq mehmood in 2006 i deport from dubai because i am working another company and my visa from other company so help me sir i want to come dubai pls help me my pasport no kb 815807

  17. i want to know if there is IBAD ADARI from dubai GHQ al mulla plaza is there any way to remove coz that is done only by cid officer

  18. I was in my husband visa in dubai, my husband left the country without paying the debts which he owe banks and there are many police cases are filed against him, i want to come back to uae and work to clear all these debts…will there be any issue for me at the immigration as i was under his visa….please give me an answer.

  19. .plzzz help I am black list no crime no criminal record I just come home when back to uae in the airport stop me and said you are black list I said that I if I have wrong why I come back what is my fault they said your sponsor give you in black list take a fingers and send me back now sir what I do give some idea plzzz plzzz help my what’s app number is 00923458843043 &
    my mail id is [email protected]

  20. Suneel yousaf says:

    Hi this is me suneel from lahore pakistan i was working in etisalat as a sales man.butt due to sickneess in my visa processs the goverment blacklist me for hole life .now i want any help .this is happend in november 2016

  21. I was medically unfit during visa processing due to tuberclousis in 2013 and Last time I was try to apply visa but I got information my name is blacklist ( life time) banned so if I want back to Dubai mean I want to do there is any legal way to remove name from blacklist (banned)

    I have a good offer for job
    so reply me quickly
    i am should be very thankful to you

    1. Bhavesh Patel says:

      Hello under Saeed,

      I got the same problem in Nov 2016.

      Do you find any solution about this, how to remove ban or way to remove name from blacklist..

      Pls suggest me

      Bhavesh Patel
      [email protected]

  22. Wasim Sulemani says:

    Good Day Sir,

    If anyone have ban from Sponsor side due to any resin so how i can check know ???? can you please help me this matter ???

    Wasim Sulemani

  23. Gladys xyra mae Arbutante says:

    Good day

    How will I know if there’s really a case filed against me?I owe a friend money and promised to pay as much as I can but he said I can’t leave dubai if I don’t give even some of the amount and am worried since am travelling with my employer this Christmas..should I be hold at the airport?or he was just threatening me to not leave dubai?

  24. Hi Everyone,

    I can help you to remove your UAE ban due to Credit card/ Loan default through optimised settlement between banks , overstay or any other issue through legal method.I have the contacts for this.

    please mail me the details at [email protected] ..I will get back to you.

    1. Hi! I’m Takhmina Karimova , deported from Ajman Divan at 20 of October 2016 , with out court , niyaba, and case, cid say to me that I have money from police and not open case, still now I don’t know what kind of deportation I have and for what? Possible to have legal way to remove it?

  25. I was medically unfit during visaa processing due to tuberclousis in 2014 and Last time I was try to apply visa but I got information my name is blacklist ( life time) banned so if I want back to Dubai mean I want to do there is any legal way to remove name from blacklist (banned)

  26. I visited to Abu Dhabi for collection of my money and equipments held with my Pakistani partner in Apr 2015. Instead of returning my money and equipments, with the help of Sponsor (the UAE citizen); the new sponsor of Transport Company, open a case in the Musaffah police station to harass me. They bring me to police station. As per law, they take me to court, and without seeing me, the prosecutor gave me bail and asked complainant to give the evidence with details for dishonesty. The police investigator call so many times to Majid but he do not come to police and provided the same. My visit visa was expired, I asked the prosecutor for quick prosecution, but as he has not provided the evidence, the case was pending at police. He opens new case at Khalidia police station to harass me instead of giving the evidence to police Musaffah. However prosecutor return my passport and included my name in travel ban list and issue me paper visa until the case is not finished. After 20 days, the police arrested me for over staying after expiry of my visit visa and sent me to Wathba jail. The prosecutor did not hear me and send my case to court. The court also not hears me and issue order for one month jail and deportation. Translator tells the court that his name is in travel ban list how he gone to back to country after expiry of visit visa. But judge said I make the decision before, he has to make appeal, I make appeal to court but the right was not granted. They keep me in the jail for 95 days until my name is not clear from travel ban list.
    Please Guide me that:-
    • How I can remove the name from entry travel ban list to UAE

  27. hello sir,
    i have a company in Sharjah two of my employee is run away long time a go i do complain about this in labor office and get approval for that but i didn’t apply in immigration so what i can do for that, can i do it in immigration now

  28. m.sudalai mani marimuthu says:

    m.sudalai mani marimuthu ,
    2013 to 2015 up to my visa valitity but now expire that more over i am not proberly visa cancelled
    emercyency come to india return not go there abudhabi so now one job get abudhabi but there visa not get me that block list come to immigration why pls give me next level pls help what are reason for my block list
    passport no- j 9258439


    Sir i applied for the post of librariajn in ASIAN INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE SCHOOL ABU DHABI and they have selected me and contract was also signed by me , now i have been infromed by his PRO that your name is in the blacklist due to matching with any blacklisted person,I have never visited abroad before. My passport no,CS1759011 . I will be grateful if the exact position may kindly be cleared from Immigration office as the school admn. is not in a position to no 03214670269 paikistan.

  30. Ruby ann pantas says:

    Hello im filipina i working here in dubai as hpuse maid i came here july 2012 after that june 2013 i run away to my sponsor i want to know f i have chance to make new visa f have somebody want to sponsor me pls i need advance what i can do i want to work legally here in dubai..
    Thank u

  31. Dear Sir,
    sir my husband was on over stay for 22 days n at the tym of exit at airport they didnot take fine n told my husband ur fine is not showing on system. n he exit the country now he is ban plz help

  32. my name is M Ayaz .Now i am in Pakistan but i have some problem in my UAE visa .My passport number is AZ1112121.How i cheak my visa problem.
    i shall be very thankfull

  33. GoodAfternoon.

    My uae tourist visa will be expiring this september 9.Suppposedly i was about to go to oman for exit and my oman visa is alredy prepared but we were shocked to hear that the oman immigration was alreay closed.
    The resume of offices i guess will be this sept 18.meaning i will be overstayed for almost 10days and the first day is 340 and the succeeding fees are 100 per day.Will the uae immigration take considerations for this issue and give some excemptions?..please give me relevant answers and i will be thankful for can also email me.thanks a lot.

  34. Dear Respected Sir/Madam,
    I was working in Dubai from 2010 to 2012 and everything was fine, but when i got another offer and I went back to my country re entry exit then my new told me that we applied for ur visa but u are black list!! to be honestly i dont even know why?

    need your guidance!

    thank you

  35. Abba Robert Anayo says:

    Heloo sir I left dubai in 2010 when I was deported am my feel to come in now my is expired visa no order crime thank u and God bless u sir

  36. Aoa,

    I am from Pakistan, my visit visa rejected due to some unknown reason. But my travel can not remove this rejection problem. But now he asking for full payment of visa. Plz help me in this matter.

    Either i have to pay full payment or no.


  37. Due to some reason I was put on jail on 24.2.2016. But then I proved innocent and I was out of jail from 29.3.2016. But it’s been 5 months I didn’t got my passport from jail. Can anyone tell in how many days they return or what is the procedure for collecting the passport

  38. matungulu kubulu heritier says:

    hi wohnt check my passport , if ha heve fine in dubai ,my namber passport is ob 8876390

  39. okoye Anthony sunday says:

    please I was in Dubai last 2years and I come with tourist visa but I over stay and was cut by C.I.D. and send back to my country,but I have my money for overstay but they did not even allow me to speak.please what will I do becos I want to come back to Dubai.and I want to even knw if my case have a particular duration period for my ban or life ban.and 19yrs of age then.I did not commit any offens apart from over stay

  40. rasool shah says:

    Salam sir please finished life banned up to me 7 year finished I no have work I am coming to Pak in 20th March 2010 my visa was issued from Abu Dhabi my owner is living in Abu Dhabi my contact is 0093326666747 please clear my this work i m very thankful for my all life to u people thanx in advance by

  41. I have a very big issue of which I need your guidelines, I applied for Italian visa with but they were delaying me so I decided to withdraw my passport and apply for dubai visa but to my greatest surprise, I was told my passport is been blacklisted, and the main fact there is that I’ve not been in another country before, so am just wondering what could cause it

  42. Hi sir
    My son was studying in dubai.due to some ragging involvement his visa was cancelled.
    It is been 16 months. Now wen I’m applying for his visit visa it’s rejected. May I know whom to contact because I want my son to get back to dubai for job purpose.

    1. if you want we can check the status for your son and if ever he has a case or been block in uae we can help you. checking status has a charge i just want to inform you. add me in my fb acct JODELIZA FLORES AGCOL. i can help you

  43. Hi sir iam amar nepali passport holder lived in India and I am worked in dubai 2002 to 2007 September & 2007come back in nepal for uae government rules out pass again go to dubai 2010 but not reserved me dubai emigration & return back so I request to you how many years have my black list in dubai

  44. Good day!
    I just wanna ask about abscond case,is there any possibility that it will be lift or taken out.?pls tell me how or what will I do to take it out?
    I talked to my previous employer but he refused to withdraw his complaint against me
    Thank you…
    For the same case I have
    Pls give me more info

    1. Hi sir please I want to go back to my country and I don’t have visa,I don’t know if they will ban me from back to UAE,please help me thanks.

  45. Good afternoon sir I’m Maribel balonsay. Can I question before my company he give me block list I’m resign but my 30 days extinction is finish that’s why but I have new employer he catch me the polis and I jail in 1 week but he give me a chance to pix my new visa. My question I already later to immigration from my old company to removing my block list but until now almost 1 month he not put the system my removal block list I sead the man there 1 to 3 days but until now still my ban. What will I do may be I need to pay. But my papers sir is already complete. Because immigration of al watbha only 1 moth he give me extension.

  46. I am Victoria I had acase in Dubai which was opened up by my boss I was imprisoned I was taken to court and I was given 3months in prison but I had already stayed for 5 months I was deported on 12/Jan/2016 I have a Degree in tourism and hotel management I would like to know weather I was given aban and if so how long is my ban my passport number is B1188721.
    Thank you Sir.

  47. Sir My Name Is Nishat Zafar And I Am From Pakistan…..
    Sir My Problem is this that Before this I Cant Come To Uae
    And My Name Has Been Blacklisted Why?

    1. hi,

      Please can you tell me how much charges took from you when ur visa rejected.. either it was full payment of visa or little amount.

  48. DINESH KUMAR says:

    my name is Dinesh kumar .Passport no.M-1196693.i have never gone to uae but my immigration is blacklist .i have no any criminal case & others .My phone no-7261867820.& email [email protected] help me sir .i am always thankful to you..(Dinesh kr)

    1. Rehman ..I have same issue like you .
      I went there in 2010 and I got hep b so they send me back and top of that now I have bann on my passport.
      Now hep b test is not allow in my area of work .
      I am looking for same answer ………….

  49. Dear sir,
    I got a job offer from a Dubai base company in 2009 the company sent me the ticket n visa and then I came to dubai n joined the company.when my medical tests were done we came to know that I have hepatitis b.that’s why I was sent back to Pakistan.I got a life time ban for this hepatitis b test is not required by uae government for my job.I want to lift this life time ban so that I can come back to dubai.

    1. Rehman ..
      I have same issue like you .
      And we have to uplift this bann because in my area hep b test is nt required

  50. Hello Sir, I was accused without any proof in Dubai,
    somebody filed up a false case on me, i was in prison for nothing,
    didn’t event go to court & got deported by public prosecutor,
    to check my ban status one of my relative went to immigration & he was advised by a staff to submit a visit visa for me’
    if it get issued that means i can enter Dubai,
    so my relative went as on plan & submitted visit visa for me finally it got issued & i travel to Dubai but
    there was an eyes can error because of it i could’t enter the country, now in my case its strange to know that there is no case,
    nothing showing in( u.a.e )system except eyes can ?
    i mean i can’t understand this logic, now i am planning to go to Saudi or Qatar so is it worth for me to work on employment visa or not ?
    can i work in Qatar or Saudi if there is an eyes can issue in Dubai ?
    i loosed my job & now i am into hard time. tnx

  51. kuldeep soni says:

    Dear Sir
    I have not go to UAE already and not even
    any other country.and my passport is
    new.and now i have completed my studies
    and now i want to go UAE in search of job
    at visit visa but my visit visa are being
    rejected again and again.what can the
    problem and what will be the solution.
    kindly guide me.

  52. Manikandan chinnasamy says:

    Hi sirs
    My name is Manikandan chinnsamy and i got job from Abu dhabi but my is block list abu dhabi ministry of interior. i still now not went any other country. how i can resolve this issues.please any one help me.

    1. Aale Muhammad says:

      Respected Sir!
      I applied a visa for Abu Dhabi in 2017 But they did not give me a visa due to the issu of the name there I did not make any part of the criminal activity and neither did I take any loan from there but I’ve also blacklisted in Dubai.can you help me on this problem

  53. My son was jailed for absconding.. his first employer a hotel chain filed the case when he resigned. My son transfered employment in a pizza resto but they fail to give my son a new working visa… We already paid the fine,and ticket money. how long will he be in jail? Please help….he has high blood pressure and he is a little special needs … Please help….God bless

  54. Messages… my sister was locked up in a police cell early this month… now preparing to face the judges in the law court for not having a Visa yet living in Dubai.
    So i really want to know if there Is penalty for such fellow (Maybe deportation or such like)?
    Thanks as i expect your feedback.

  55. Hiloo sir my name is Anees Ahmad from pakistan im black list in dubai in complan agaenst me run Awey butt im contineo work comony i have i print i need work in dubai so plz sir inform me what is the proses thanks
    My pasport nmbr is ,,Hv1156921

  56. hello,
    dear all,
    im pakistani citizen i have deport form dubai some immigration caces, so pls… can u cheak that i can come to dubai uae again or no
    or what i do that i can come to dubai uae
    pls…. check for me
    my passport no:qz4113351 my id (havia):784-1983-1973581-1

    pls…. info… me

    umar hayat

  57. Dear sir
    My name is mohammed i was working sharjah as a sales executive i work with my company almost 2year then we got problem with sales then my company given me noc then i decided to star my own work but same then i was trying for bussness partner i got ee start my companu knows about that and they dont like me to do same bussness they file case aganest me when i was leaving from dubai they said you cannot go they take me to sharjah jail like 1week i was in jail.afyer they take my eye scan finger print drop me airport no one ask me any thing when i was tryong tell they was stoping me please help me let me know what i have done what was case

  58. hullo this is musinguzi Solomon from Uganda I wanted to check for me whether my burn is over I overstayed in. Dubai for 10 days only after they sent me on immigration in 2008 my passport No is B0579081 thanks for you help

    1. Solomon Emehele says:

      I was deported from dubai 2011 august because of expired visa and now I am planning to come and buy motor spare parts in shajar , please I want to know if it can be possible for me.

  59. arbind Kumar pandery says:

    Sir now am here 20 month and my sponsor did note stamp visa on my passport now I want exit what should l do


    Dear Sir
    I have not go to UAE already and not even any other country.and my passport is new.and now i have completed my studies and now i want to go UAE in search of job at visit visa but my visit visa are being rejected again and again.what can the problem and what will be the solution. kindly guide me.

    1. Malik Hussain says:

      i am a resident of uae since many years In your case as per my experinece is usually the similarity of the name of somebody else (not u) already in the black list so u will not get visit visa or tourist visa from abudhabi but dubai tourist visa is not so much restrictd Therefore i suggest u try thru ur friend to apply for a tourist visa thru a travel agency in dubai nt abudhabi and dont apply for visit visa but apply for tourist visa.

  61. Dear Sir,

    I am Suresh Kumar . My passport was black listed in the immigration area, in the year 2011 in UAE, while I was applying for a work permit. They declared me unfit during the medical examination and then deported me from the country.

    But they said I would be able to apply the business visa or the tourist visa in the future. But it seems they have blacklisted my passport and I could never enter the GCC.

    I came to know about this when I was recently not allowed to enter Dammam (Saudi Arabia) and was sent back from the airport.

    I would request you to provide more information, how to remove my name from the blacklist.

    Due to my professional demands I might need to travel to the GCC countries for business purposes. I have really no intention to work there or to apply for a work permit but I would be applying for a Business visa.

    To avoid this trouble in the future I would request you to help me sort out this issue.

    Please let me know if there is any solution to it and how is the way forward.

    thanks and regards

  62. I was deported oct.29,2015..i was put in jail for almost 2mos.because my sponsor file me a run away case even i was a cancelled visa because i dont go home on that day i was take to the airport.i was iverstayed for almost 2yrs.i would like to confirm if like this case will be blacklisted in uae.thank you..

  63. hi I am desiree FILIPINA.I am overstayed here for 2 years and my passport is expired, and I want to pay to start working here again… plsss give me advice what should I do be a legal residence here in u.a.e….




  65. Dear sir,

    Its been 1 year and 5 months i am on over stay in dubai. I was working for a company who put a one year ban on me, the period of one year has finished and now I got the offer from a free zone company. The problem is that they are asking me to pay my fine first which is ok, but The problem is that there is a case filled against me in the system from one bank. So In this case how can. I go to immigration and sort the matter out. I Dont want to go back and want to get this oppoutunity.
    Please help me how shall i proceed with this.

    Thanks & Regards
    Ashfaq Hussain

  66. Any chance to lift ban that happened because of abscounting case. Iris scan done
    No criminal case. Case happened 5 year back

  67. Muhammad Imran says:

    Dear sir,
    I got a job opportunities for Abu Dhabi but when company applied visa for me found black listed in the system even I never been visited uae,working in Saudi and also have’t any illegal status.status . I have not any criminal record also.also . then why this happened and how to resolve it,please I am expecting lawfully answer .



    1. Hi imran, Hope your issues will resolve……

      Please let me know how you get it as i am also facing same issues.


  68. sir my residence visa cancelled 4th June 2015 & 6th June I was leave the country.. I am just 3 months working one of trading company in Dubai.. company bank default.. now I apply visit visa my application rejected.. I didn’t invloe any criminal activities. didn’t take any loan.what is problem. what I can do now… why my application rejected…. help me

  69. hi ,
    now i am here 9 months and my sponsor did not stamp visa on my i want to exit what should i do

    1. hi ushas

      I am also have same problem my sponsor did not stamp visa on my passport. if you find out any solution please help me also.

  70. Dear Sir,

    I have a criminal record in Bahrain. Black listed and deported two years ago. I cam Qatar for an enmployment visa. Now the Government refused to stamp my work visa as I have a black list in Bahrain. Please tell me what is my status.

  71. Hello sir
    Im Ma.suzette from Philippines,I have issued about my employment visa is ecpired already almots one year now,but did not stamp in ny pasport as residential visa,and also they apply me labor card but they cannot pay,what is possible to better to do so im leaving dubai,it is ok if I cannot pay may fine then leave dubai..thanks very much pleade advised me what the better I do

  72. My absconding case has been removed in labour court. but in immigration. They did not removed it. What will I do if they rejected my request to remove my absconding case in their system.. please help me.. I really don’t know what to do. Nobody wants to explain to me what is really happening about my case. they just tell me to go to police station without explaining why.. even O already prove that I did not run away from my employer in the ministry of labour

    1. Hi Kabayan! Pwede nyo po bang ishare sakin kung papano nyo po nalakad at natanggal sa dubai court ang absconding nyo? Pwede po tayong mag usap via whatsapp. 0567327482 po ang whatsapp number ko. Maraming salamat po… aasahan ko ang sagot nyo.

  73. frizalyn cancino says:

    I get my tourist visa..but when I enter dubai airport they told me I’m blacklist…why my visa come out..if I’m blacklist..pls help me how to remove it before I hve eye scan when I’m leaving UAE.what should I do?

    1. qaisar mahmood says:

      I get my tourist visa..but when I enter dubai airport they told me I’m blacklist…why my visa come out..if I’m blacklist..pls help me how to remove it before I hve eye scan when I’m leaving UAE.what should I do?

    2. ano nangyari sayo after mo malaman na blacklisted ka pala pagdating mo sa dubai?
      pinauwi ka ba let sa pinas?

  74. My name Nasir mahmood s/o nazir ahmad pakistani
    National identity card number
    Pasport BA0158154.. 2005 June i was deported from Dubai. Please can u help me how to check, and i can Entry Dubai or i cant. please help can i check a passport number either blacklisted or not?

  75. hi,
    i was deported from uae in the year 2011 for criminal cases
    i want to go back as i have stayed in uae for 11 yrs
    pls let me know the proceedure


  76. Muhammad Hanif Muhammad sharif says:

    My name is Muhammad hanif s/o Muhammad Sharif sir can I check I am black list r not thank sir.

    1. AOA,sir i am working in dubai 15 yers no any criminal record but one company put my name is absconding so i want 2 check my blacklist my passport no kc644182 name rashid ahmed thanks plz sir reply me i pay any fine also.

  77. my name is sanusi morufu sola says:

    sir pls i need ur help,the problem is dat i stay in sarjah for some month on long visit visa and am working with A/c company ,b4 my visa finish my company told to go back to my country whc is nigeria after my arrival to my country my boss call me, dat the company wanted to issued me a new visa but sarjah immigration reject me without commit, and i did not ovastay,is it possible? And the company already send me d labour aproval, my boss said i shuold have patient that the problem will resolve.

  78. Dear Sir,

    I hope my email finds you well.

    I am looking for legal help. i dont know I am contacting the right person.

    My case is as under.

    I was working in JAFZA with one company for 5 years. I was living in sharjah. Every thing with the company was going well. In 2009 i came to Pakistan for 15 days leave. After few days when I was planning to go back i heard that company has filed absconding for me. ( They filed absconding case in immigration) I was surprised. Actually during that period the company was in crises and were sending back the employees.

    The company did not pay my gratuity for five years and leave salary for one year. And i was also using credit card. When i was not able to go back
    due to this absconding. I also could not pay the credit cards. (Credit cards are not issue for me, i can clear them) but now absconding is problem. I think 3 bank cases are there, but before entering UAE i will pay off all my debts with the banks.

    I am now planning to go back to dubai, but i need help of some legal advocate.Who can help to remove my name from absconding list. And i can get

    My UID is 43619265

    I have also contacted to my previous employer but he is not ready to take back the absconding case.

    Now you please advise what to do and how can I be able to return to uae.

    Waiting for your reply

  79. Mustafaraza s. Ansari says:

    Respected sir/mam,
    I’m Indian passport April 2015,I’m selected for project engineer at sharjaha,UAE.and its my first chance to go out of India.
    But after some days,they informed me that you are in block list for UAE.and says sorry to me for employment.
    If any one face or resolv this kind of situation..then please share with me.
    Allah bless you and your family.
    Best regards,

  80. I came in my country as an emergency and not able to go back to UAE with in 6 months. if I will not go back to UAE, what ll impact on my visa. I ll wait for your kind response.. thankyou

  81. Aizada Jaimaeva says:

    Hello? sir. Im Aizada. From Kyrgyzstan. 2005 June i was deported from Dubai. Please can u help me how to check, and i can Entry Dubai or i cant. please help me.

  82. I have worked thir for 5 years in uae my company name is n.c.t.c my company cancelled me then i have escap from my company after 25 days police cached me and thy send me to jail for one month then they send me back to my contri thy toled me you blak list life band on uae now some body says who have small cases that will be remove atomatialy after 5 years is that true

  83. Hi Dear. I am Quest from Londone, i live in Abu Dhabi. I work as PRO in THE CID At the General office. Me and my Friend can get your black list removed legally. Send us your enquiriz, and we will try to halp you. Please not that blacklist due to bank loan or credit card may take upto 30 – 50 days an…
    contact me [email protected],or call me 0013012731131, or WhatApp Me

    1. If you are living in abu dhabi why your contact number provided is different from the numbers of uae? Hey people do not deal with this person they will tell you to help you but they will ask money to transfer or to send for them to start the processing but it is a lie. This has nothing to do with the gov of uae.

  84. hussainasim says:

    Sir plz chak name blcklist been my passpot naber. Rj6899471 my neme hussainasim i
    m sir over saty visa plz sir help alla kreem plz plz plz sir 00923034243735

  85. my name is Enayatullah S/O Rabi khan from Afghanistan i R- entered UAE at 2012 and was deported at 2014, i was a driver at( UAE) Alain for one year then i wanted to get hire by TAXI cab company at Dubai, then the company asked me for security clearance, when i went to the police one case came up which was from 2002 in that time my visa was cancelled with out my informing, and stayed at UAE for more then supposed to. i was young and uneducated otherwise i would not do something like that . if u forgive me i will really appreciate, i love UAE and the people of UAE and also i have hard time in Afghanistan with no job.

    Best Regards,
    Email: [email protected].
    Mobile Number: 0093797088151

    1. Peer mohideen says:

      I am work in sharjah 1998 to 2009 my one police case finish so pls check immiration check banned pls
      Pass port no# G0636123

  86. my name is Enayatullah S/O Rabi khan from Afghanistan i was a driver at( UAE) Alain for one year then i wanted to get hire by TAXI cab company at Dubai, then the company asked me for security clearance, when i went to the police one case came up which was from 2002 in that time my visa was cancelled with out my informing, and stayed at UAE for more then supposed to. i was young and uneducated otherwise i would not do something like that . if u forgive me i will really appreciate, i love UAE and the people of UAE and also i have hard time in Afghanistan with no job.

    Best Regards,
    Email: [email protected].
    Mobile Number: 0093797088151

  87. Siddiq K P
    26 May 2015 at 1:17 AM

    Assalamualaikum, My Name is Siddiq K P and I Born and bought up in India. Last 6 Months ago I have applied for a Job in ADNOC Company through Agency in Kerala. Agency called me and they said that you are in Blacklist.

    I have never been to abroad. can you please check and let me know why it is in Blacklist?

    You can Reach me @ +91 9731280405 or [email protected]

    Siddiq K P

  88. muhammed irfan says:

    dear sir iam muhammed irfan son of jan muhammed iarrested alain police 2009 with lady after I finish jail custudy 2010 I deported in my country plz sir I too much problem with my family plz clear my black list and I come u.a.e iam best a/c mechanic plz sir call me 03002142328

  89. junaidzakaria says:

    Sir im pakistani my name is junaid khan im blacklest ftom 2007 i want to remove this but i have no idea what i can do?

  90. Hi my visa was rejected because i was blacklisted and still not been to UAE before. How is that possible? Is there a way that i can fix this? Help. Already resigned in my job, i dnt wamt to fail my parents

  91. Gd aftn sir,
    My name is J.Arun kumar from India.I Applied job for UAE. I selected that job. Aft that company applied for visa. Bt my name block list in UAE. I dnt come in UAE previous. And my passport num is J9478442. PLS help me sir. My family is soo poor. And my life long dream work with UAE sir. Pls kindly help me sir. my id is [email protected] and mob 9750549594

    Thanking you.

  92. Gd aftn sir,
    My name is J.Arun kumar from India.I Applied job for UAE. I selected that job. Aft that company applied for visa. Bt my name block list in UAE. I dnt come in UAE previous. And my passport num is J9478442. PLS help me sir. My family is soo poor. And my life long dream work with UAE sir. Pls kindly help me sir.

    Thanking you.

  93. Dear Sir,

    Can you please advise me how to solve the issue on being blacklisted.

    My previous company was in Jafza and i was being cancelled. Now I have a new company which is in Jafza also. My new company applied for my employment visa before the expiry date of my cancellation, but it was rejected without giving any reason. For the second time, they applied my employment visa but this time i’m already overstayed and immigration rejected it again. The reason is i’m a blacklisted and I’m still inside UAE.

    Please be so kind to advise me how to solve this problem. Do I still have the chance to get a new visa? If so, then how? Am I put into jail? Is there any other fine aside from overstay fine?

    Hoping for your kind understanding.

    Thank you and best regards,

  94. Hi sir.
    I vggu raju passport no (E2449013) from india.i have lifetime ban fromu.a.e immigration they scan my eyes and took fingar prints.
    Help me out from this condition want to came back in UAE and work again plz sir hel me.
    Thanks Regards
    Vggu Raju.

  95. L.H.W.K.N.C.SILVA says:

    Dear sir,
    im a Sri Lankan female. i worked in UAE 2003 – 2006 period. some one cheating me.thats y unable to arrange my visa. thats y i got over stayed at that time. so now im in Baharain. im interested to come UAE for business puposes. so i need to get invester visa. im decided to start a company in i need to check my passport. its black listed or not…
    i expect your fast reply. my passport number is N1075869.
    thanking you
    yours sincerely.

  96. Assalamualaikum, My Name is Siddiq K P and I Born and bought up in India. Last 6 Months ago I have applied for a Job in ADNOC Company through Agency in Kerala. Agency called me and they said that you are in Blacklist.

    I have never been to abroad. can you please check and let me know why it is in Blacklist?

    You can Reach me @ +91 9731280405 or [email protected]

    Siddiq K P

  97. Dear Mr. Barney Almazar,

    My name is Ishaan and I need your advice on the following. I entered Dubai in Jan, 2015 as I had a work opportunity with Mashreq bank. In due course I had used a credit card and maxed it out. Also, I bought 3 phones on contract basis for 24 months and not made a single payment. I bought iPhone 6, 6 plus and Samsung Note 4.

    But due to a family emergency I had to leave the country and go back to India. I came back to India on March 10, 2015. Its 2 months now and I plan to go back.

    My question is will I be taken to court moment I land Dubai?

    I have a valid residence permit which says its valid upto 6 months if outside country.
    I intend to pay all bills but do not wish to be tried. Please advice as I plan to reach ther by June 10,2015 thereby making a total period of 3 months from Dubai.

    Please note I have a valid residence visa and I have my emirates ID as well.

    Please advice at the earliest and also provide me with your contact details.

    Best Regards,

  98. Hi how are you sir i have absconding report run away from my employer than i will case for him in labour office than he cancel my visa now I want to check I’m black list or no thankyou

    1. Hi how are you sir im muhammad sohail from Pakistan I’m working in sharjah industry area 17 with employer and he tamim for me i run away from the employer than i will complaint in loubar office than he cancel my visa now I want to check I’m black list or no please please sir help me please my passport number Er5193761

  99. khuram saleem says:

    my name is khuram saleem son of mohammad saleem shahzad i live in ajman 3 years ago my father was doing work in company its name em irates shoes situated in ajman sponser name halil he is blacklist of my father without any reason just my father told him i dont want work with you cancel my visa because you are not increase my salary also you are not give me my salary last six months so i want to leave this company . then mr halil in angry and take the passport and deposit to immigration .so my father blacklist and he going back to pakistan now irequest to the uae governement plz erase the blacklist of my father plz plz plz if uae governement agree with my request plz contact me my nmber is 0551832512

  100. walugembe .moses says:

    what can i do if am blacklisted/life ban by mistake bse someone who has that ban has the same names like mine and we used to work in the same company in dubai

  101. I was born and brought up In dubai, Last year my parents took me to pakistan and I got married there, My husband was also born and brought up here bt around 2007 he was deported from Uae due to some crimes, And now I want to bring him back here, There is no one out there to help me, it’s my request plzz some1 out there just try to understand my situation and for god sake help me out..

  102. Dear Sir/Madam

    My name is Muhammad umer i was in dubai almost 4 years but i am in pakistan for exit. i was in Nestle Company Dubai so they are just played to me so i finished my six months so i put my resignation they said you have to pay the recruitment charges i said its a free zone visa why i have to pay but they said straight if you not pay we will put banned on you.. i take it from frends n give it to them 3500 Dhs yesterday i just come back to pakistan n some of my frend told main that they are gonna police case on you for black listed bcox they said you are steal 2 ipad n iswear i dont have anything even my lagguage is still there bcox am come here for exit to new company they said you are going to the room n its true i was there but i am going there to get my stuff n the same time one guy is there from our comapny before our company terminate that guy bcxoz they caught him with girl in company room. can you plz tell me what can i do now how can do it with me if all things are cancelled from there side..plz sir let me know about it.
    Muhammad umer

  103. Hi
    Iam Iranian passport holder and My Touriest Visa Request are rejected 6 Times
    Will you Check It and inform Why?s I have Two flats there andI should Come There

    Yours Trully
    Dr Qader

  104. Salam.sir my name is abid ali 2004july ajman police arrit me with girl then depote to lhave 5chilldran so iwant go to uae ple. help me toallow in uae my contat.03338484524 thx.

  105. My husband deported last year after two month jail with iris scan . Now I want to make my own company manager visa for him . Any possible he can renter dubai?


    sallam….. Pls i have overstay in Dubai….. seen, 2009…pls how he can be possible for me to enter “U.A.E… back. and i will promised that…am not overstay again…. in maighty name of ” ALLAH” because i want employment Visa….. pls consider me… my passport no…A3809868A….ma sallam.

  107. mussar iqbal says:

    Sir before I am in abu dhabi 15years now I am in pakistan I have lone bank butt I am coming abu dhabi than I mack visa cancel now I want check my name blacklist and not blacklist

  108. Hi sir i absconding case due to run away my employer and i go exit country late i should go out november 8 2013 but i go out in uae march 10 2014, now i am 1year in philippines theres have anyway to o comeback ??? Posible to clear my name coz i got eyescan also in awir. And my cancelation put permanent ban ..Please advice me and thank u..

  109. Hi I was deported in Dubai last 2013 coz my tourist visa expired and I am over stay for 8 months and during amnesty I was decided to go home is it possible that I can go back to Dubai

  110. I met an football agent in my country that told me he has an football connection in dubai. He change our last name bcuz he told our grandma that he told the club about us this is the name he has an agreement with,and our grandma was the person spending for our football career,she accepted da. My grandma really wanted me to travel bcuz of the love n skill I have for football. She and the agent spoke and she paid what ever in he ask. The agent took me n my little brother to Ghana, went we got to Ghana he told us that he going to let us go ahead bcuz he going to nigeria to pick some players. We accept da and we never travel outside africa yet, so he did us a visa and hotel reservation. We never knew that da was Emirate vacation visa he did,because we never travel out yet. We left and was in (High land City Hotel) in bur dubai. Four days he can’t hear from him we call his number for nigeria it was not going so we ask the hotel on which visa is this they told vacation and we only pay for four days so they rold us to go to emirate vacation office. We went there the lady told us da our visa was expiry on the next day. We have no one to let us know the law. So we left the hotel and runaway bcuz our time was out. We meet a citizen of UAE call Fatta after 9 months in shajah we told him everything he took us to a city after Ajman. He told us da with this it is not easy for club to take our bcoz of the overstay so in the ended of February I told him what can I do in this he said to let me see after some time he let me know about if I can buy my ticket he can take me to immigration to deport me. So I said yes he took me there n I did my fingerprint and eye scan too I left. Can be able to enter I’m able to pay my overstay now.

    1. GCC Wide Ban on Deported Expatriates of GCC Countries

      General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs Dubai (GDRFA) has just made a statement which is published by Gulf News today that the expatriates who are deported from one of the GCC countries would not be able to enter any of the GCC member countries upon work visa. Gulf News reported that the GDRFA, in its magazine Manafez Dubai that all six GCC countries (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman) have agreed upon this law and soon it will be implemented in all GCC countries. The country which will deport the expatriate will take his or her finger prints and share it with all GCC member countries. The system to share this kind of information is already in place.

      Ban in cases of Criminal Offences
      It is important to mention here that GCC countries already have an agreement to not get through the expatriates who are involved in some criminal offences in any other GCC country. As a result of this, all countries share the information regarding passport details, finger prints and other related information with other countries. If an expatriates is ran away from Saudi Arabia after stealing money and it is reported to the police after his departure. He will not be able to enter to any other GCC countries. They have created a sound system to arrest such expatriate. If expatriate who is alleged to have criminal case in any of the GCC country applies for the visa of any other GCC country, they don’t stop or reject the visa. In fact they approve it and make arrangements to arrest him on the airport of GCC country. After that, that particular expatriate is handed over to the police of the country where he is alleged to commit the crime. His name from the banned list of GCC countries is only removed when he clears the allegation against him in that country.

      Current Situation regarding ban of Deported Expatriates
      Currently the deported expatriates without criminal offences are allowed to go to the other GCC countries. If employer of some employee sets a huroob against him and then he is detained by the police, the ultimate arrangement is deportation. So, one should make all the efforts to remove huroob from his Iqama. Moreover, the expatriate is also deported if he is caught working for someone other than his Kafeel. Moreover, if an employee is caught working on Iqama profession which is not his actual profession, he will also be deported. If you want to change Iqama profession, please follow the instructions given in this link. An Expatriate can be deported in the following cases;

      Caught for the third time Not Carrying Iqama
      Iqama Profession is different from Actual Profession
      Huroob Status on Iqama
      If he is banned from entering to Saudi Arabia
      If he is involved in Trading Visas & Forgery of Documents
      Working on Umrah Visa and Overstayed on Umrah Visa
      If he is Working Dependent in Saudi Arabia
      Overstaying after Visa Expiry in Saudi Arabia
      Dealing with Drugs or Narcotics in Saudi Arabia
      Employing an Expatriate on Free Visa
      Working on Azad or Free Visa

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      Steve Jobs at 17:25

  111. Hi
    Sir my name asim Hussain
    I m pk my visa Dubai working calin copny I’m give visa ajeant 12000 dirham give my visa not good no company I m go police steshin sir no acespt sir seat ull butt 0502667812 sir ye ha WO admi ge ney visa diya ha or my passport nahi diya or mojey mrny ki damki deyta ha sir my naber paspord Rj6899471 lost ye ha mera paspos Jo nahi safe uall butt key pass ha or 12000 dirham ha ya admi ko peagro or jail mey dalo sir ta key or log bachey g IAS par zaror kam kre sir or my nabir pk 0092 3034243735 ha sir g I m dirivr ho uae ka sir pelies chak my black list name sir

    1. Hi sir
      Sir I have casein dubai now I am in India my case is overstay in dubai one year after I go to direct al awair immigration and he take my eyes scan .
      Sir give me idea how can I come dubai ?
      How can I get visa ?
      I want to come legally please sir help me

    1. Dinah villa b. Dejan says:

      Hi poh mam ask lang poh ako if anu poh ang dapat kung gawin andito poh ako ngayun sa dubai, but i was working in ras alkaimah with in almost 4 months , and my two months salary they not given to me,,,
      Kaya ng run away ako 5 day na ngayun ,, at ngayun poblema ko poh ai pinalagay nila sa aystem yung name ko at nk,,,,

      Anu poh bah ang dapat kung gawin ngayun

  112. Hi Sir i rashid naeem from Paksitan. i have lifetime ban from u.a.e immigartion they scan my eyes and took fingerprints.. bcz my visa has expired till 2 years. this is a reason that they put lifetime ban on me .. i have all paper sir u plz help me out from this condition i want to come back in UAE and work again plz sir help me… thanks Regards I
    rashid naeem

    1. Hi sir i abscondiTP20ng case due to run away my employer and i go exit country late i should go out november 8 2013 but i go out in uaw march 10 2014, now i am 1year in philippines theres have anyway to o comeback ??? Posible to clear my name coz i got eyescan also in awir. Please advice me and thank u..

      1. Ajay Kumar Singh says:

        I have never gon to UAE but my visa is not issueing by UAE gov. My pasport no. H5122778 .. pls reply on my cell no. +917379681408
        I hold a special place in my heart for you ……..~~~~ ❤ go
        Ajay kumar singh ….

    2. mrs junaid malik says:

      sir my husband was on over stay for 22 days n at the tym of exit at airport they didnot take fine n told my husband ur fine is not showing on system. n he exit the country now he is ban plz help

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