Wearing It Well: Jerome Centeno


Wearing It Well: Jerome Centeno

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What role does fashion play in your daily life?

Fashion is my source of aesthetic desire, where I get every aspect of inspiration or idea of what is validly beautiful, from simple to extravagant things.

ad390-img_0038 13820855_1044225868998384_1338654597_nIs it important?

It’s actually not the main thing or that “important” when it comes to daily life, it’s a part though, because there are some days when fashion should come first, especially when you have that mood/event to wear something fashionable rather than a daily outfit, something easy or you just know that it is the safe one to wear. But of course not forgetting those sophisticated touch/detail that give you the cherry on top of the cake.

13819451_1044225835665054_285416196_n 13817347_1044225708998400_50652018_nDo you consider the “regular you” a fashionable person?

Not really. Maybe because I found my true style…there was a period when I was really into fashion. Nowadays, I wear mostly all the same things over and over from my wardrobe, sticking to the “essential” yes giving that “new vibe”.

13814583_1044225862331718_1224167989_n 13705310_1044225665665071_1300704186_nWhat do you typically wear daily?

It depends on my morning mood. But typically plain shirts , fancy suits, colored pants and a simple pair of loafers. The classy/cool kid thing going on.

4898114_img_9355 4898114_img_9355-1What’s your favorite thing to wear?

Knitted fancy ties are my recently obsession!

65885-fullsizerender27680-img_0753What can’t you live without?

FOOD! duh! I can sacrifice fashion or clothes for food for sure!!!!

6fe53-img_9843 2a1f1-img_6835What is your fashion philosophy?

LESS IS MORE! (more or less)

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