Wearing it Well: Kevin Murphy – Performer

Wearing it Well: Kevin Murphy – Performer

Photos: Cris Beedong


Super performer Kevin Espinosa Murphy is not only known for being one of Dubai’s most electrifying performers – who also happens to be one of the very few Filipinos with songs that ranked in the iTunes top 10 (“Fabric,” a collaboration with UAE-based EDM superstars Hollaphonics peaking at no. 4 in 2014), he is also known for looking sharp both on and off the stage.

Here, we look at Kevin’s simple fashion philosophy that seems to work all the time.


What role does fashion play in your daily life?

Being a performer, fashion definitely plays an important role in my daily life. People tend to expect performers or artists to set trends and continuously adopt new looks. So, I usually look at magazines or on the internet just to check out what’s in with the season.

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Do you consider the regular you a fashionable person?

I don’t really consider myself as a fashionable person. I personally look up to other people when it comes to this area. I always try and look for ideas that I think would suit me.


What do you typically daily wear?

On a daily basis, I usually go out with jeans, sneakers and a hoodie or a jacket. Very casual and accessible. Like they always say, a good pair of jeans never goes out of style.


What is your favorite thing to wear?

I would definitely say pajamas.  I could wear them all day! I don’t know, but for me, it just has this sense of comfortability that makes me feel relaxed and zoned.

Artist Kevin Espinosa Murphy

What can’t you live without?

I can’t live without my caps, shoes and jackets. For me it’s easy to mix and match whatever with these, and they can never go wrong.
filipino perfomer Kevin Murphy

What is your fashion philosophy?

For me fashion does not necessarily mean clothes and accessories always have to be expensive and branded. People carry what they wear not the other way around. Being in the music scene, I’ve been with tons of artists with artistic styles when it comes to clothing. So I try to pick up bits and pieces and try to come up with my own version. For me, fashion is comfortability and availability.  If you’re not comfortable, why wear it, right?

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